APK - Updated on January 16, 2023

Balda is a popular and simple game that has won many fans since the days of board games. It is loved by many, as it allows you to test your ingenuity and erudition. The essence is simple: you need to make words from those letters that are on the screen. You can play alone, with friends, and with a random opponent. It is very exciting to replenish your vocabulary while playing, the hours fly by!

Балда  MOD APK (No Ads) 2.2.10

But remember that players with abusive nicknames will be suspended from online play. When collecting words, the difference in the number of letters does not matter for victory. If a player misses a turn twice in a row, he will be considered defeated.

The square field for the game consists of 25 cells, the word must be collected in the central row horizontally. Only real-life words are counted – the names of objects, not names. The word must be in its initial form (for example, not Balda, but Balda). One letter is put in one move, after which you can try to make a word. Each player moves in turn. Points are awarded depending on the length of the word. Words can be distinguished from closely standing letters horizontally and vertically; they cannot be connected obliquely. The letters e and ё are not regarded as different.

Remember rarely used words and memorize new ones!

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