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The main task of the hero Var Thunder is to defeat an armed opponent and capture his military base. To repel an enemy attack, the player can bring a variety of military equipment to the battlefield: planes, tanks, armored cars and even ships. Using the advantages of his army and repairing his vehicles in time, the commander will destroy the enemy divisions and restore peace and order on the planet.

Armament catalog

The main advantage of the simulator is a rich catalog of military equipment. The developers reproduced in detail the models of fighters, tanks, armored vehicles, submarines and ships that were in service with the armies during the Second World War. Access to various types of military equipment opens gradually, as the game level increases.

However, the catalog of weapons is divided according to the selected nation. There are 9 in total: USA, Germany, USSR, Britain, China, Italy, France, Sweden and Japan. Each country has its own set of models for ground vehicles, aviation and navy, as well as their attributes – sights, shells, armor, etc. Also, national armies have different maneuverability, damage power and defense capability.

Real fights

An equally important difference between War Thunder and other similar simulators is a wide selection of game maps. To begin with, the player can try his hand at a single-player campaign, participation in which will allow you to master the mechanics of controlling vehicles and aircraft. As soon as the commander gets used to the game, he can take part in a real battle – the simulator offers a choice of dozens of different battles from those that really took place in world history.

Other game modes

In addition to single-player campaigns, the game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to connect the whole team to the battle. In one battle, from 6 to 16 players from each side can face. Depending on the selected game mode, teams are given different tasks: for example, fighters can retake an enemy base or reconnoiter an opponent’s territory. One combat session ends if the army has reached its goal or if all enemy equipment has been destroyed.

Other game modes, including event ones, are also implemented in WarThunder. When participating in a special event, the player has a chance to get a unique weapon model, as well as earn a rare currency. For fans of certain types of military equipment, special game modes have been created, where a limited number of tanks, aircraft and ships are used.

War Thunder 2022: cross-platform or not

The War Thunder combat simulator has working versions both on PC and on the phone. The mobile adaptation of the game is practically in no way inferior to the original battle. In addition, the simulator is cross-platform, allowing the player to use any suitable device without losing progress. One account can connect PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox, Android, Mac and even Linux.

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