APK - Updated on January 11, 2023

The Gacha Neon application is an adapted version of the popular online RPG Gacha Life, where the user has to create characters and scenes with their participation. By combining items from a rich in-game catalog, the player will be able to reproduce any image for his avatar, and then send it to a competition with other users’ avatars. It is worth noting that Gacha Neon and Gacha Life are independent of each other, so the account export function is not available to players.

How to create characters and scenes

The main advantage of the game is the character creation mode. To select a suitable image, the player can use dozens of different costumes, hairstyles and accessories. The main difference between the items in the catalog is their neon color, which is rarely seen in other gacha RPGs. Wearing clothes with neon colors on the hero, the user will create a unique avatar that stands out from other characters.

The created avatars are used to stage scenes. The scene creation mode also includes a variety of options for locations, decorations and decorations. Within one scene, the player can use several of their avatars and, for example, play a plot episode from a story. In addition, pets can be added to the characters.

The scene creation mode is characterized by great variability in the location of the characters. Avatars can be reduced, rotated, dragged around the screen, their pose and facial expression can be changed. To make the scene feel more alive, the player can add dialogue using thought clouds. Having finished creating the scene, the user should view it in the “View” mode.

Game Modes

Other game modes are also implemented in Gacha Neon, such as battle mode. He invites the user to send the hero to the battlefield, where he will compete with other avatars. After winning several battles in a row, the fighter will meet for the boss, for defeating which you can get a good reward. As a prize, the player is given diamonds and gold coins – they can be spent on buying new items in the store. Also, participation in battles will allow you to upgrade the hero by gaining experience points.

If the user is tired of creating characters and battles, he can go to the mini-games mode. Here are several different competitions, the passage of which does not require a lot of time. For winning the mini-game, you can also get money and experience. Before the start of the competition, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules, which can be difficult for players, since the application on the phone is not translated into Russian.

Additional Benefits

The distinctive features of Gacha Club Neon include the ability to export files. To save images where individual characters or entire scenes are captured, the “Save PNG” button is provided. The uploaded picture can be sent to friends or set as a header photo in any social network.

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