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The game uses the setting of the famous fantasy universe about The Witcher. The user purchases or wins decks of cards that feature certain characters. Each card has its own characteristics, and also differs in the strength of the damage dealt. Combining different cards with each other, the player will be able to pick up a winning combination and defeat all opponents.

How to play

The gameplay of the card strategy Gwent: The Witcher is an adaptation of a similar game implemented in The Witcher 3. Players sit down at the card table, after which the round starts. According to the rules of the original Gwent, the winner is the one who won two rounds in a row. To defeat a partner in a card game, the user needs not only cards, but also cunning, dexterity and strategic thinking.

Variety in the gameplay bring a variety of game modes. The player can fight a friend one on one or take part in a competition against a bot. Gwent: The Witcher also provides for a division into classic and seasonal matches: the latter are limited in time, but they give more experience points and coins. For novice gamers, the game has a built-in training and training modes.

Cards and decks

One of the most significant advantages of the Witcher card strategy is a rich set of cards. The gameplay begins with the issuance of starting decks, which include cards with serious features. However, as the player progresses, he will unlock access to stronger cards and rare decks. The complete collection contains over 150 cards and 25 decks; to see the cards already purchased, the player can go to the deck builder.

Unlike the classic Gwent built into The Witcher 3, you don’t have to collect cards all over the game world – for example, traveling around Novigrad or beating NPCs. To get new combat units, the user must buy a barrel that contains 5 cards. Rare and unique cards drop quite often, so there is a great chance to build a strong deck. The coins needed to buy barrels can be earned by completing daily quests.

However, the success of the match depends not only on the availability of certain cards, but also on the skills of the player. To defeat an opponent, the user must create winning combinations of the most powerful cards. If the player correctly assesses the potential of his deck, then he will be able to defeat even an advanced card strategist.

How to transfer account from PC to phone

The advantages of Gwent: The Witcher can also be attributed to cross-platform. A user who already has a valid account in the application on a PC can transfer all their data to a smartphone without losing progress. In addition, all achievements of the player are saved if he plays on several devices in parallel. All basic functions of the card game are available absolutely free of charge and do not require additional investments.

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