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The game reproduces the gameplay of classic battle arenas, where a team of players is tasked with destroying the enemy base. However, in Dota 2, the entire gameplay is significantly improved due to the variable mechanics of choosing heroes, a large number of game cards, and a complex system of interaction within the team. By joining forces, building a competent strategy and pumping their fighters, users will be able to defeat even the most powerful enemy.

How to choose a hero

The main difference between Dota 2 and other battle arenas is a well-developed system for selecting heroes. Each team has the opportunity to choose (pick) and ban (ban) 5 characters. Team captains or the players themselves need to quickly react to the actions of rivals in order to make the most powerful grid of characters, while taking away the same advantage from the enemy. The abilities, skills and abilities that the team can use during the battle depend on the competent choice of heroes.

The catalog of Dota 2 characters in 2022 includes 46 heroes (their number may increase as game updates are released). Heroes are conditionally divided into races: humanoids, aliens, underwater inhabitants, satyrs, demons, dragons, etc. However, when choosing a character, players rely more on the hero’s powers and skills available to him. Carries stand out among the fighters – weak heroes who increase their power towards the end of the fight.

The most popular heroes among players are Pudge (Pudge), Mars (Mars), Marcy (Marci), Lina (Lina) and Juggernaut (Juggernaut). Characters’ abilities can be increased through the use of items and skins, which are acquired during the game by destroying an enemy or making a purchase. Purchased items on the map are delivered by a courier, so the improvement will not come to the player immediately. Opponents can kill the opposing team’s couriers to gain an additional strategic advantage.


The gameplay is further complicated by the fact that NPCs are running around the map – enemies that can cause serious damage to both teams. For this reason, players have to simultaneously perform two tasks: capture the enemy base and fight off monsters. Usually neutral creeps move around the map, not obeying any command. At the same time, heroes can get a special item that can be used to subdue creeps.

Analogues for Android

To date, none of the versions of Dota can be downloaded to the phone. As a replacement, users can install a similar application: Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor

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