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Rats Mobile: Funny Games is a strategy game in which you will have to become the ruling finger in the life of a small gang of rats.

List of CodesExpiration date
OXMHVL76T58August 23, 2022
QKBYTR73WHSeptember 12, 2022
L146WNZXCSeptember 19, 2022
G6HR2YEF3WUSeptember 24, 2022
F1GNXLQ6W7SRSeptember 6, 2022
V4UGQ1SFM9NAugust 14, 2022

In the life of street rats, something happens every day, and not always something good, because life on the street is not the easiest, and often you have to fight for food or starve. Therefore, they need a wise leader who will direct their actions and teach them to live correctly and satisfyingly in this cruel and terrible world. He will tell you how not to stay hungry, and not to screw up in the teeth of an enemy, as well as how to equip a home and find a way out of any situation. Or rather, they need someone who will manage them, and they limply obey – this is to their liking.

You have to grow from small helpless rats – a strong gang of cruel and fair rats who will punish all their offenders and enemies, get the best possible food for themselves.

Pump up the abilities and skills of rats, help find cheese and avoid the enemy while your rats are too small. And in the future, look for yourself with whom you can quarrel in order to speed up the development of rats and take a leading position in the top rat breeders.

Do not forget to replenish the gang of rats with “new blood”, because in order to grow in influence, power must also grow, and this is possible only if your gang continues to expand.

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