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The sequel to the exciting arcade has inherited almost all the advantages of the first part of Magicka. The user, controlling a faceless magician, must defeat dangerous enemies using weapons and an advanced spell system. Gradually moving through the location and completing various quests, the player will be able to learn a lot about the universe of Mingard, improve the skills of his character, find useful items and defeat all opponents.


With the advent of the second part, the setting of the game has not changed much. The player watches from a bird’s eye view as the characters move through the fields or forests. From time to time, magicians enter the city to communicate with the inhabitants and receive tasks. A distinctive feature of the adventure are the dialogues: the developers have tried to make them funny and absurd, which will allow players to have a good time.

The gameplay of Magicka 2 relies on an advanced spell system. Each spell is born from one element or combination of elements – the circles denoting them are located at the bottom of the screen. By combining the available elements with each other, the hero will be able to cast spells of various strengths. However, the magician should be careful: with his spell, he is able to destroy not only the enemy, but also an ally.

Also, spells can be used in combination with weapons. The arsenal of weapons in the game includes knives, swords, hammers, axes, staves, etc. There are also funny weapons – for example, a carrot, a bouquet of flowers or a cinnamon roll. The presented categories of weapons differ in the degree of physical damage, the strength of the damage done and the presence of special abilities. To obtain an item, the player must either kill a suitable enemy or complete a quest.

co-op mode

The second part of the exciting adventure retains one of the basic advantages of the game: the cooperative mode. If desired, players can join a team of up to 4 people to jointly resist the villains and upgrade the skills of the characters. If one of the participants in the cooperation discovered a new spell, then all participants in the cooperation automatically get access to it. Thanks to this, the development of heroes in cooperation is several times faster.

Other game modes

The ability to create cooperation is available in other game modes introduced in Magica 2. Together or alone, players can take part in the adventure and challenges. Adventure mode is a classic linear story, where the characters move sequentially from one level to another. In the challenge mode, players will have to complete a difficult task while fighting off waves of enemies.

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