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The plot of the game is quite simple: the main character goes to battle with an evil wizard. To save the world from a dangerous sorcerer, the character needs to master dozens of spells and their combinations. The hero comes to the aid of a magician from a mysterious order who will accompany the protagonist throughout the journey. By exploring new locations, completing tasks and developing their skills, the player will be able to defeat the villain, as well as restore peace and tranquility to the Magicka universe.

Game Modes

The basic advantage of the arcade is the presence of a variety of game modes. From the first launch of the game, the user has access to the story mode, consisting of 12 levels. As you progress through the story, the hero develops skills that will allow him to discover hidden paths and options for passing. Moving through the location and completing missions, the player

In addition to passing the main story, the user can take part in the “Trials” and “Confrontations”. In the challenge mode, the player must consistently overcome waves of enemies, which become stronger with each run. To make the passage even more exciting, the developers have added 17 variable maps to the “Tests”.

In turn, the confrontation mode offers users to participate in a massive confrontation between each other. Players find an opponent and fight with him until they win. The game mode includes 3 martial arts and 12 maps. The fascination of the gameplay is added by cooperation, in which the heroes can unite, regardless of the selected game mode. Cooperation in Magica 1 consists of 4 people.

Weapons and spells

To destroy a dangerous sorcerer, the player can use weapons and a spell system. In the catalog of equipment, the hero will meet swords, blades, axes, spears and much more. Each type of weapon has features that affect the possibility of its use, and differs in the type of damage done. To get a battle item, the hero must either defeat the corresponding enemy or complete a specific task.

In combat, the player can also use spells that are created from the elements. Basically, the hero gains access to a group of six basic elements – they can be combined to compose spells. Individual elements and their combinations determine the type of spell: beam, spray, throw, lightning, or shield. Magic can be used both separately and in conjunction with weapons. At the same time, spells differ from each other in terms of the strength of the damage dealt.

Mobile version features

The Magicka application can be installed on both a computer and a phone. The graphics and gameplay in the mobile version of the game have been adapted to the capabilities of smartphones: for example, the locations have become smaller, and the equipment has become less elaborate. At the same time, fans of mobile gaming are offered two options for passing – single and cooperative – which differ from each other in the set of quests to be performed and in access to combat mechanics.

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