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The seventh part of the series continues the storyline that ended in Ice Cream Man 6 at the time of Charlie and Rod’s departure. Now the player will have two characters at his disposal – Mike and Fox: they will have to do everything possible to escape from the villainous laboratory and reunite with their friends. Using various items, the heroes must solve many interesting puzzles and find a way to freedom.

Game Modes

When you first start the game Ice Cream Maker 7, the user needs to select the difficulty level. To get acquainted with the plot, the player can choose the “ghost” mode, where all the characters become invisible to Rod and his little helpers. If the user wants to enjoy all the benefits of the quest, he must switch to normal mode. In this case, the evil ice cream man will attack at the most unexpected moment.

Story line

As in other games in the Ice Scream series, in the seventh part, the heroes, completing missions, will gradually learn details from Rod’s biography. This time the player will get acquainted with the history of the first years of the life of the future ice cream man, when he was raised by his sister Madeleine. At the same time, the children must destroy the villain’s crazy plans, which he started in Ice Cream Man 1.

A distinctive feature of Ice Cream 7 is a rich set of mini-games. In the new part, there are puzzles already known to the player, and unique tasks that were not in previous chapters. Mini-games vary in difficulty level; if the user does not understand how to complete the task, he can always use the hint. Completing quests will allow the heroes to obtain the item they need to use in the next mission.

Additional variety in the gameplay brings a constant change of characters. Throughout the story, the player switches between two characters, Mike and Fox, located in different parts of the laboratory. The switching function has been available to players since Ice Cream Maker 5, but in the seventh part, the developers have significantly improved it. Each of the characters has its own quests: if the player does not know how to pass the test for one of the children, he can always turn to the hint window.

Game locations

The gaming location deserves special mention. Action Ice Scream 7 Friends: Lis takes place on the territory of the laboratory, where mini-Rods are released. She met in other parts of the series, but this time the map was significantly enlarged. Now the heroes who are trying to find a way out will have to explore a much larger number of rooms, where interesting puzzles and unexpected dangers await them.

However, the player has the opportunity to get out of the ice cream factory. Separate episodes of Ice Cream Man 7 involve visiting other buildings in the city: in them, the heroes must find artifacts that will help them in the fight against Rod. Fans of the series will know all the locations presented, as they have been encountered in other chapters of the Ice Scream saga.

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