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The gameplay of the add-on is based on the classic version of GTA San Andreas, the setting of which is transferred to Russian realities. The hero can visit one of three Russian cities, as well as travel through the countryside. By choice, the character is able to move up the career ladder, have fun in public places and earn money. The game combines the unique features of the open world and multiplayer features.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
IC39PEJ4LXRSeptember 19, 2022
0U9INYH84KAugust 10, 2022
7EQXFCP8HAugust 12, 2022
YG0ADF6LKN9August 17, 2022
EAOXSRBUDQNISeptember 15, 2022
UEHPT2F4CVXSeptember 4, 2022

One of the main innovations in the AIT Province has become public transport. On the streets of the city, the hero can meet buses, trams, taxis and the subway. At the same time, the player has access to the driver’s cab, where he can take control of the car. To get behind the wheel of public transport, the hero must first get a job.


In total, several dozens of professions related to trade, the army, banks, construction and production have been introduced into the gameplay. Employment in some areas requires preparation – for example, a police career begins with a military ID. If the player does not want to become an employee, then he can establish his own business and do business, paying taxes on time and developing his company.

To connect to the MTA Province, the user must select one of the seven servers presented on the official website of the modification. Their number is expected to grow.

Additional Content

Significantly changed not only the gameplay, but also the setting of GTA San Andreas. The locations in the game are copied from Russian cities, so the hero can observe familiar high-rise buildings, apartment layouts, street surfaces, gas stations and shops. The developers also added a catalog of new clothes, car brands, license plates, etc.; and along with fresh updates, weather settings and natural seasons appear in the modification.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, the MTA Province modification is not available for download on phones. As a replacement, players can try a similar add-on: Black Rush CRMP RP.

Black Russia CRMP RP

The modification is based on the Russian setting, where the user can become a member of a criminal gang. Starting from the status of the “six” and moving up to the leader, the hero must complete missions, steal cars, meet allies and destroy enemies. At the same time, the gameplay is complemented by original content, which includes Russian car brands, updated apartment interiors, original skins, etc.

Otherwise, the gameplay in Black Russia RP does not differ from the official GTA San Andreas. Here it is possible to lead a peaceful life or become a criminal, visit bars, participate in shootouts and communicate with other players. However, the atmosphere of the game is added by familiar landscapes and tuned cars that can be upgraded in the garage using a wide range of available tools.

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