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The gameplay is an interesting adventure that gives the user access to dangerous dungeons. The dark caves are filled with numerous enemies capable of destroying the hero with one blow. To overcome all the trials, the fighter will need a powerful weapon and a well-thought-out strategy for passing.

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He may also need the help of allies who will meet as he progresses through the story. Using various advantages and improving equipment in time, the player will be able to defeat all opponents and get out of the dungeon alive.

Game Modes

One of the main features of Soul Knight is the variety of game modes. The user goes through a significant part of the plot alone, completing tasks and destroying monsters. At the same time, the player has the opportunity to switch to multiplayer mode, where additional characters join the story. Cooperation can include network friends or random users who connect to the passage using an Internet connection.

In addition to the multiplayer mode, the application has special challenges: Killer Mode, Boss Hunt, Start, etc. Each challenge offers the player a unique mission in a randomly generated dungeon; for the successful completion of the task, the fighter will receive a valuable reward. As a prize, the user is given coins, gems, experience points or chests with artifacts. In the prize box, you can find rare equipment that will significantly strengthen the fighter, and the money earned is worth spending on acquiring new weapons.

Fighters, weapons and pets

Unlike similar action games, Soul Night is saturated with a lot of content. In the arsenal of a fighter, the player will be able to find several hundred types of weapons, each of which has its own technical characteristics. At the same time, the monsters have significant stability, which does not allow you to relax, destroying all enemies with the same equipment. Also, the user can customize his character using an extensive set of available skins.

For a change, the developers have supplemented the main gameplay with secondary characters. They can join the walkthrough, helping the player overcome difficult dungeons. At the same time, NPCs have a sophisticated intellect, which allows them to navigate well in a combat situation. Pets turn out to be just as smart: they can be purchased at the store. Animals inflict additional damage to the enemy, but they need to be fed in time so that they continue to take part in the battle.

Additional content

Despite the fact that the collection of fighters and tournaments in Soul Knight is quite diverse, the creators continue to add new content to the application. With the first update of 2022, a golden fishing rod has been added to the game, which allows you to complete the “Child of the Sea” challenge. The amount of rewards in Origins has also been increased, and the Floyrite Ring now deals more damage. However, in the latest version, bugs and problems related to the display of skins and pets have been fixed.

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