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In the center of the plot is an unusual heroine named Super Cow. She lives on a farm, which one day is captured by Professor Duriarty – the creator of evil clones of all domestic animals. Super Cow goes in search of the professor in order to save his friends and free the farm. The plot includes 47 levels, gradually becoming more difficult as you move to the final of the story.

Gameplay overview

The gameplay is a classic platform game where the player moves around the map in one direction until they reach the end of the location. On the way, the hero encounters various obstacles: they need to be bypassed in all possible ways. As you progress, Super Cow can find treasures and coins: you need to save them to get a reward.

Obstacles and bonuses

Within the location there are special places – dungeons, clouds, lianas, flying platforms. Usually in the dungeons there are diamonds and useful items that allow you to restore the health and life of the Super Cow. It is also worth remembering that the heroine cannot stay on the clouds for a long time, otherwise she will fall to the ground. If desired, the player can try to jump onto the roof of a house or a tree – bonuses can be found there.

Useful items have been added to make Super Cow easier to navigate. They are useful for replenishing health (super kefir, first aid kit, tree fruits), overcoming obstacles (trampolines, mattresses), as well as for improving the abilities of the Super Cow. The base game offers three main bonuses: Invulnerability, Mega Jump and Hyper Horseshoe. In addition, the arcade contains Dejavu Sleeping Mushrooms, which mark the location of the last save.

Enemies and bosses

The danger for the Super Cow is represented by enemies: snails, moles, dogs, crows and other vicious animals. To destroy them, the heroine will have to hit them on the head with her hooves. Some enemies die from a single jump, while others after several consecutive jumps. If the player manages to destroy several opponents at once, he will be able to make a combo, thereby earning more points. For combos, you can get a special achievement.

Addictive gameplay complemented by an interesting storyline. It unfolds in front of the user gradually, as each individual chapter is completed – there are 10 of them in total. Three times during the game, the heroine encounters bosses that have high health indicators and cause heavy damage. To defeat the villains, Super Cow must make a large number of jumps. In the battle with the bosses, bonuses help a lot.

Mobile version differences

Super Cow was originally released for PC, but today it can be installed on a phone. The mobile version is practically no different from the original arcade, with the exception of control features. If desired, the player can change the control mode through the settings, even if this happens during the passage of the level. For convenience, the entire platformer interface has been translated into Russian.

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