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The player must prepare for battles for the royal throne and major titles. Try downloading Conquerors: Crown Battle for Android and come up with the most effective strategy to conquer enemy kingdoms and capture large-scale territories. The entire gameplay will take place at a time when Ancient Arabia existed. Start building your kingdom from a small piece of land and gradually increase the power and productivity of the base. Here you will grow new soldiers, and conduct effective training with them. Then they can be released on new conquests of territories.

Сonquerors: Battle for the crown
 Coupon Codes (2023 January) 4.9.1
All Codes Expiration date
1UW2H5IRF9S January 31, 2023
Y9KCD6MUZB January 25, 2023
HTE47QUA3 March 11, 2023
NGVQ0YMCI4K February 25, 2023
BL1ETYDHZNCK February 16, 2023
8M4BECL1FSR February 5, 2023
IQJ1SC3KEVX February 16, 2023
WA7Y1EO5QX February 7, 2023
K0BUNL63O February 3, 2023
AIVWSCN1ZOK February 24, 2023
TV7QMFK3DEZR January 26, 2023
UJ2LKIDB1AQ February 14, 2023

Those who decide to download Сonquerors: Crown Rush for Android will be able to enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • Large-scale territories where the kingdoms are located and develop to the level with you;
  • Multiplayer mode with the ability to create alliances and unions;
  • A large number of combat units with their own abilities and features;
  • Guild wars and the struggle for leading positions in the global ranking system;
  • Stunning and most realistic image graphics;
  • Management of a large kingdom and its expansion.

The struggle for the throne has begun. The player will need to constantly develop his own large-scale kingdom, and carry out the most effective attack on neighboring territories. You can invite your friends to the game and join together in large guilds to work your way to new conquests and great rewards. Constantly train your army so that it is ready to fight against epic enemy squads. Send the most elite heroes along with squads to gain an advantage over rivals. Play against the computer’s intelligence or participate online where you can capture your friends.

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