APK - Updated on January 7, 2023

Fillwords: Themes – a fresh take on a classic game!

Филворды: Темы  MOD APK (High Damage) 3.1.11

In front of you is a square playing field, on which there are many letters. Connect them vertically and horizontally and find the hidden words! Choose the appropriate category and look for words that interest you. The game has groups of words related to plants, animals, compliments, sports, body, cities, weapons, countries, professions, etc.

Complete hundreds of levels one after another and show your friends that you are the smartest! How many words can you find and will you make it to the final levels? In difficult situations, little monsters will prompt the letters in the hidden words.

If you like hangman word games, crossword puzzles and riddles, this app is highly recommended! For all lovers of puzzles that train observation and vocabulary, the game is definitely suitable!

The game has an eye-pleasing design in shades of green, from which it breathes freshness. Beautiful colors will surround you all the way through the game levels!

The game is fully translated into Russian.

The animal words section is described in the scientific appendix and contains mammals, fish, insects, birds, etc.

Check out the new version of a familiar game!

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