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The gameplay in Chicken Gun was created according to the canons of the usual shooters, where the player must move around the location, destroy enemies and complete missions. The main difference between the game are the characters, which are domestic chickens. Buying the necessary weapons and pumping your fighter, the user will be able to defeat all opponents. For convenience, the entire application interface has been translated into Russian.

Fighter Features

When the shooter is launched for the first time, the player is rewarded with a novice warrior who does not have shooting skills. To make a tough soldier out of a domestic chicken, the user must participate in competitions and fight with other players. To attack, the hero needs to purchase machine guns, and to protect himself from bullets, equipment.

In addition to weapons and equipment, the player can buy various costumes for his warrior. Clothes and headgear allow the chicken to stand out from other fighters. The user also has access to the character creation menu, where you can change chicken eyes, beak, crest, etc. The catalog contains dozens of different options for clothing, facial expressions and decorations, which will help the player to give the warrior a unique look.

How to make a nickname colored

Customization options extend not only to the appearance of the character, but also to his name. So, each user can make the nickname of his fighter colored. To do this, the player must enter the following command in the “username” line:


The game does not support all colors from the standard palette.

Weapons and transport

The arsenal of weapons in Chicken Gun is as rich as the catalog of the store. Each type of weapon differs in the level of damage dealt and in the accuracy of the strike (or shot). Among the types of combat equipment there are machine guns, pistols, a knife, a bow and even a crossbow. To purchase a suitable cannon, the player must accumulate enough coins.

The money is also used to purchase vehicles. Cars are the most popular; cars, like other vehicles, allow the character to quickly move around the map. Purchasing vehicles gives the player the opportunity to gain a strategic advantage and defeat the enemy. In order not to spend money on purchasing items, the player can install a mod for endless money.

The shooter takes up little space on the phone and at the same time presents a diverse gameplay. So, in Chicken Gun there are two game modes: 5×5 and all against all. When completing combat missions in a particular mode, a fighter receives rewards in the form of gold and experience points. Experience points are necessary for the evolution of warriors, which grow from chickens to plump chickens.

In addition, soldiers fight not only with each other, but also with monsters running around the location. NPCs attack suddenly, taking away the health of the fighters. There are both regular and secret monsters in the game: in order to find secret monsters, you need to perform certain actions.

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