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フリック対戦寿司  MOD APK (Free Unlocked) 3.21.0



フリック対戦寿司, also known as Flick Battle Sushi, is a popular mobile game that combines the excitement of sushi preparation and the competitiveness of multiplayer battles. Developed by a Japanese gaming company, this unique game offers players an immersive experience as they flick their fingers across the screen to prepare sushi dishes and compete against friends or other players online. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of フリック対戦寿司 and how it has become a sensation in the gaming world.


The gameplay of フリック対戦寿司 revolves around the art of sushi preparation. Players are tasked with creating and serving various types of sushi dishes to hungry customers, all within a limited time frame. The twist is that players must flick their fingers across the screen to cut fish, slice vegetables, and roll sushi rolls.

The game’s mechanics are simple yet challenging, requiring players to master the art of flicking to achieve precision and speed in their sushi preparation. Each successful flick will result in a perfectly cut ingredient, while a mistimed or inaccurate flick may lead to a mistake or even a failed dish.

Battle Mode

One of the standout features of フリック対戦寿司 is the inclusion of a battle mode, where players can challenge their friends or compete against random opponents online. In battle mode, players race against each other to prepare the most dishes within a given time limit.

The competitive element in the battle mode adds an intense and thrilling experience to the game. Players not only have to focus on their own performance but also keep an eye on their opponents’ progress. The winner is determined based on the number of successfully prepared dishes and the overall accuracy and speed of the flicks.

Customization and Upgrades

As players progress through the game, they earn coins and experience points, which can be used to unlock new sushi ingredients, kitchen upgrades, and various other customization options. From exotic fish to unique toppings, players can create their own signature dishes and stand out in the competitive world of フリック対戦寿司.

The upgrades available in the game also enhance the gameplay experience. Players can invest in faster slicing knives, wider cutting boards, and more efficient rolling techniques. These upgrades not only improve the players’ abilities but also provide a sense of progression and accomplishment.

Community and Social Interaction

フリック対戦寿司 has a strong community aspect, allowing players to connect and interact with other sushi enthusiasts from around the world. The game offers features such as in-game chat, friend lists, and leaderboards, enabling players to compete, share tips, and form virtual sushi-making communities.

The social element of the game has contributed to its widespread popularity, as players can show off their skills, learn from others, and even host virtual sushi parties where friends can compete against each other in real-time matches.

In-App Purchases and Monetization

Like many popular mobile games, フリック対戦寿司 offers in-app purchases that allow players to acquire additional coins, special ingredients, or exclusive customization options. These purchases offer a shortcut for players who wish to progress faster or stand out among their peers.

The game’s monetization strategy, combined with its addictive and competitive gameplay, has proven to be successful in generating revenue for the developers. However, it is important to note that フリック対戦寿司 can still be enjoyed without making any in-app purchases, as the core gameplay and features remain accessible to all players.

Cultural Impact

フリック対戦寿司 has not only captivated players with its addictive gameplay but has also played a role in promoting Japanese culinary culture. The game’s realistic depiction of sushi preparation has sparked interest in the art of making sushi, leading some players to explore real-life sushi making or visit sushi restaurants to experience the dishes they have prepared virtually.

Additionally, the game has brought international attention to the traditional Japanese dish, contributing to its popularity and recognition worldwide. Through フリック対戦寿司, players can gain a deeper appreciation for the intricacies and skills required in creating sushi, elevating it beyond just a food item.


フリック対戦寿司 is a unique and exciting mobile game that combines the art of sushi making with competitive multiplayer battles. With its immersive gameplay, customization options, and social interaction features, it has created a sensation in the gaming world. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and challenging game, フリック対戦寿司 offers an addictive experience that will keep you entertained and craving more.

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