News - Updated on April 8, 2022

The Quarry – another interactive horror film from the studio Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures). The IGN journalist played the novelty for three hours and shared his impressions in video format. We have selected the most interesting from the preview.

  • By scale The Quarry closer not to separate parts The Dark Picturesand to Until Dawn — the developers promise a 10-hour adventure with 186 endings.

  • The game combines violence, emotional moments, humor and screamers.

  • The authors The Quarry actively use chiaroscuro – an artistic technique that relies on the play of light and shadow.

  • The facial expressions of the characters were recorded in the studio Digital Domainwho, among other things, was engaged in the animation of Thanos for films Marvel. According to an IGN staffer, The Quarry boasts some of the most realistic digital faces in gaming history.

  • Core gameplay – traditional for creations Supermassive: we explore locations, select replicas in dialogues and go through QTE.

  • For the first couple of acts, none of the nine main characters died at the journalist, but the director of the game assured that possible deaths in The Quarry so many. As usual, even a seemingly insignificant choice can be fatal – for example, if you decide to go down the stairs, it will become loose (and, apparently, break in the future).

  • As the author of IGN noted, developers are trying to please, including those who are new to games. So, in scenes with shooting, not a small crosshair is used as a sight, but a large spot of light from a flashlight. In addition, QTE was allegedly simplified – instead of pressing the buttons on the gamepad, you just need to move the stick in the right directions.
    • Later, the journalist showed the settings menu, where there is an item “Simple QTE”. It is possible that the usual QTE using the buttons has not gone away, and the IGN employee was included in a lightweight version (after all, a journalist!).

  • The video shows the following accessibility settings:
    • mode for people with color blindness,

    • amount of time to make decisions

    • simple QTEs,

    • some “interrupt speed” (Interrupt Speed),

    • disabling QTE with quick button presses (you will need to hold it down),

    • qt speed,

    • aiming assistance.

  • Previously, it was known that The Quarry Cinema mode will appear, allowing you to watch the game like a movie. In the IGN video, one more detail is mentioned: before you start watching, you can customize the characters’ characters – for example, make the hero cautious or self-confident. The actions of the characters depend on this.

The Quarry will arrive June 10 on PC (Steam), PlayStation and Xbox.

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