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Metal Gear Survive, like many modern survival games in harsh conditions, seems at first vast and full of incomprehensible mechanics. The user is gradually brought up to speed, explaining in detail his capabilities and weaknesses, but some details are easy to miss, or they remain unclear. In this article, I will give exactly 10 tips that will come in handy in the first few hours and simplify your life in Dita – another dimension where, by coincidence, the main character ends up.

Always keep an eye on the state of the character

In Survive, your ward constantly needs food and water. Health reserves and stamina depend on how full he is and whether he is tormented by thirst. Haven’t drunk anything for half an hour – get ready for the fact that the character will quickly run out of breath when running. And if you don’t refresh yourself before the fight, the opponents will be knocked out with a couple of blows. When you are hungry, the screen periodically becomes “blurry”, which once again indicates the need to look for food. It is also important to check if the hero needs healing, and use bandages and medicines when needed.

All sorts of foods and drinks will temporarily increase your performance, but the most healthy (and safe) food will have to be prepared at the camp. It is not enough just to kill a goat – you need to roast its meat. With water, everything is a little more complicated – in reservoirs it can be collected in empty bottles, but it will be dirty and, if used frequently, will cause diseases. Pure water can be found in vessels scattered throughout the map. With each passing hour, there will be more and more opportunities to replenish the supply of forces. And remember that a 100% filled bar will not run out at all for some time.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Don’t run past the animals

Since your main goal is survival, you don’t have to take care of the fauna here. Therefore, it is desirable to hunt all sheep, wolves, goats and other animals, and then collect trophies from them. Otherwise, it is likely that at some point you will have nothing to eat, especially if you spend time exploring the location. Unfortunately, the killed animals do not appear in their original places until you exit the game and load the last save – it remains to be hoped for a patch release.

The process of hunting is primitive – you just go up to the animal and hit it with a machete or spear. Either shoot with a bow or a pistol. If the beast is too fast, you can hit him with a running start by pressing R2 on the PS4 controller, and only then deal damage to him. Subsequently, this knowledge will be especially useful, as you will be able to teleport animals to your base, receiving more trophies for this. And you can do this only when they are off. If for a simple kill of a wolf you will most often be given only meat, then when teleporting there is a chance to acquire its skin or more valuable materials necessary for “crafting”.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Go through the story and don’t get distracted

This may come as a surprise to some, but Metal Gear Survive has a full storyline with dialogue, multiple characters, and cinematics. And the campaign can only be played alone. Gradually telling the player what is happening in Dita and why he got here, the developers introduce him to the mechanics and each time offer him new options. And many of them turn out to be too useful not to unlock them as soon as possible.

No matter how much you want to explore the surroundings, it is still advisable to go through a few initial chapters first. After that, for example, you will open an improved version of the fire, with which you cook food. At first, you can only fry meat, but after a few hours you will learn how to purify water and cook soups (the latter satisfy both hunger and thirst at the same time). And baked potatoes will be the basis for a hearty mashed potatoes, if you can get milk. The previously described teleportation is also not immediately available, but extremely useful. Potato beds, rainwater tanks, and more are also unlocked.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Don’t skip large containers

As you complete quests and simply travel around Deet, you will see blue lights from time to time. Don’t ignore them – come as soon as possible! This is how large containers glow, the contents of which will be useful not only at the beginning of the game, but also in the future.

Useful items are hidden in these containers, including blueprints for weapons, clothing, defensive structures, and small things like healing items. Picking light locks is quite simple – after pressing R2, you try to keep a thin strip in a small area, then pressing R2 again, then releasing it. If it didn’t work out, you can continue hacking, but in this case, the roar will attract the attention of opponents scurrying around. It is better to try again from the very beginning – the process takes only a few seconds.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Collect everything

Obvious advice for a craft-based game, but still. You never know what the rubbish scattered around can be useful for. Chairs, trays, lanterns, bottles, cans – all this will be needed sooner or later. Either to create weapons, or to install fortifications, or for cooking – there are many options.

It is very convenient to collect garbage by holding down the “square” button on the gamepad and running from one object to another. Also along the way you pick up flowers that grow at almost every step. At some point, you will encounter the fact that there are too many things in the inventory, and the character cannot run at all or even does not move. It doesn’t matter – at the base you can always remove unnecessary items to the warehouse. But you don’t need to do this as often as you might think.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Don’t get into fights with the crowd

Situations in Survive are very different: either you meet with a couple of tramps (as zombies are called here), then you stumble upon a whole crowd. And if you can still deal with a few, then dozens of opponents will quickly destroy the hero, not allowing him to come to his senses. It is enough for one of them to grab your leg, as the rest will immediately pull themselves up and start beating you.

Therefore, it is not worth trying to destroy a horde of vagrants alone – it will not end in anything good. Either run far away, or lure everyone one by one. Zombies quickly lose interest in the main character if they do not see him, so hide behind covers and sit there, and then approach the opponents from behind and deal massive damage. A little later, Molotov cocktails will become available, but there are not many of them in the inventory.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Always take fences with you

Many initial missions end with the defense of the object, whether it be a teleport to the base or something else. The structure is very fragile – tramps can destroy it in a matter of seconds. But it is not necessary to kill all enemies – just wait for the timer to expire, after which an explosion will occur that will destroy all evil spirits.

Standard metal fences are very useful – there are usually several corridors around the defended object in which they can be placed. They allow you to take only six fences with you (there is nowhere to create them outside the base), but this is quite enough. Even if you just put them in front of you, zombies will almost never try to get around them, and the player will be able to pick up a spear and quickly deal with enemies. Yes, and you need a little protection materials – as they say, cheap and cheerful.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Search the corpses of vagrants

If killed animals leave behind meat and wool, then there is nothing to collect from zombies. But you still need to search their corpses – otherwise, you won’t get local game currency for defeating them (although this rule changes completely when defending objects). In the open world, everything is exactly like this – they killed someone, stood near him, held down the “square” and got points.

In fact, it will be possible to earn points in other ways, but not all of them are available immediately. And you will need a lot of these points, since they are spent on a lot: both to increase the level to learn skills, and to create each item, and for various improvements. One of the skills, by the way, will allow you to search corpses a little faster – it makes sense to get it as soon as possible.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Stay tuned for new opportunities at the base

As you progress through Survive, more and more features will become available to you, but they are not always reported about. Once again at the base, take a look at the list of available buildings – something unexpected will probably appear there. For example, no one talks about an improved version of the fire, but it will seem to the new player almost the most important element of the base.

The same goes for wearable items that can be crafted. You are unlikely to keep in mind a list of blueprints that you found in containers during the last sortie. But there are new clothes, and weapons of varying degrees of rarity. Don’t forget to also upgrade your spears, bows and machetes – even the most basic versions of them can be made more powerful, for example, by increasing the attack rate.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

Participate in co-op missions

All of the above is relevant for a single player campaign, but a character pumped there will eventually be able to participate in cooperative races. There, a squad of four players is engaged in the defense of the object, and this process is divided into several stages. After completing one wave, everyone can create the desired items and prepare for the next attack.

For completing the task, you will be rewarded with a mountain of resources, materials and experience points, and the better you performed against the background of your colleagues, the steeper the rewards. The lucky ones can drop great items that don’t require blueprints but need to be repaired. Trophies await the team even if the mission fails, but a successful defense, of course, will bring much more fruit. Co-op missions unlock relatively early, and finding random companions is easy. Even if your character’s level is low, the main thing is not to be a weak link and help build fortifications: idlers standing in the corner will definitely not lead anyone to success.

10 Tips for Newbies to Metal Gear Survive

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