APK - Updated on January 16, 2023

100 Crypts is the most prominent representative of the room escape genre.

100 Crypts  MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.25

A new app from the developers of the hit 100 Gates. An outstanding game of its kind. Solve the puzzles and open the doors one by one to get out of the tomb.

Behind each door you will find a new level full of puzzles. To be able to open the door, all means are good: rearrange objects, check the floor, interact with elements and objects, examine them from all sides, shake them properly, turn them upside down, etc. There are a lot of objects of different actions in the game. All of them somehow use the capabilities of a mobile device. In the first levels, to go further, you can open the doors by picking up objects from the floor. At later levels, entertaining mini-puzzles await you. The game is well balanced, the levels gradually replace each other, starting from very simple and ending with very difficult ones.

The artwork will amaze anyone. Animation is accompanied by a great musical arrangement.

The game is completely free.

Try it yourself, you’ll like it!

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