12 LOCKS: Plasticine room MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 1.15

Updated on June 13, 2024

Name 12 LOCKS: Plasticine room
Publisher RUD Present
Category Game New
Version 1.15
Price FREE
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12 LOCKS: Plasticine room APK
12 LOCKS: Plasticine room MOD
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Introduction to 12 LOCKS: Plasticine Room

12 LOCKS: Plasticine Room is a fun plasticine game that presents players with the challenge of solving various codes and puzzles. It requires careful thinking and preparation to navigate through the game successfully.

Objective of the Game

In this mysterious adventure, the primary goal is to find and collect all 12 keys scattered throughout the game. Each key unlocks a new room, ultimately leading the player towards the exit. Players are encouraged to engage their imagination, sharpen their puzzle-solving skills, and enjoy the stimulating tasks presented throughout the game.

Unique Features

12 LOCKS: Plasticine Room offers a fresh and exciting experience for players who are seeking a break from traditional puzzle games. The game boasts charming plasticine graphics and captivating background music, adding to its overall appeal. Players can appreciate the game’s unique features, including:

  • The best plasticine puzzle experience
  • A plethora of challenging levels
  • 12 keys and corresponding locks to discover
  • Inclusion of additional mini-games for added entertainment
  • Gameplay and controls designed to be accessible to children

Gameplay Experience

Players can expect to encounter a series of increasingly difficult challenges as they progress through the game. With each key collected, a new set of puzzles and obstacles will present themselves, testing the player’s wit and creativity. The engaging gameplay mechanics and intuitive controls ensure that players of all ages can enjoy the game.

Save System

One of the conveniences offered in 12 LOCKS: Plasticine Room is an automatic save system. Players need not worry about losing their progress, as the game continuously saves data in the background. This feature alleviates the stress of potential setbacks and allows players to focus on solving the intricate puzzles within the game.


12 LOCKS: Plasticine Room is a refreshing and innovative addition to the puzzle game genre. With its unique plasticine aesthetic, challenging puzzles, and user-friendly features, the game promises an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Embark on this exciting adventure, unlock the 12 keys, and unravel the mysteries within the plasticine rooms!

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