News - Updated on March 28, 2022

Housebrand preparing to release a major update “Ascension” (Ascension) for Returnal. In it, gamers will receive a cooperative for two, new opponents and more. The developers have published a video in which they showed how the endless mode is played in the Sisyphus Tower.

Tower of Sisyphus is a challenge area, available after obtaining the Icarus Hook. Selena will have to fight enemies to move on to the next, more dangerous levels. However, unlike the ancient Greek king, the work of the heroine is not so fruitless – the Tower contains secrets and fragments of the story that are waiting to be revealed. Each race will be unique thanks to procedural generation. At the end of each stage, there are fabricators ready to accept the resources they have earned.

Another innovation was an additional type of opponents, the victory over which takes the heroine to bonus rooms. They can contain both something useful and not very – the developers wanted to keep the element of risk inherent in the whole game.

While moving through the Tower, Selena will discover one or more superweapons – powerful cannons with limited ammo. According to Housebrandby uncovering such a barrel in a stalemate, the heroine will be able to turn the outcome of the battle.

When Selena dies, she wakes up in the main hall of the Sisyphus Tower. There is also a device with a leaderboard. In addition, a bed appears in the room, through which the heroine enters places related to her past.

Ascension will reach users on March 22. Recall Returnal can only be played on PS5.

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