Codes - Updated on August 23, 2022

1942 Pacific Front is a prime example of military strategy. The predecessor of this game was 1941 Frozen Front. This time, you are tasked with taking on the role of commander-in-chief and directing military operations on the Pacific front. You need to work on developing your unique strategy, as well as deal a crushing blow to enemy artillery and infantry through the use of tanks, combat aircraft, ships and submarines. You will be given the choice of which side of the battle you are willing to take. Either you can become a representative of the American army, or try yourself in the command of the Japanese armed forces. You will lead your troops, mark their positions and direct the battle. The main thing is not to lose your own positions, because only one side can win the battle. In this game, you will be given the opportunity to repair and also disguise units. In addition, you will have a hexagonal grid in your arsenal, which allows you to have a better view. And besides, the developers have worked hard on the graphics, thanks to which it is difficult to break away from this game.

List of CodesExpiration date
CGEV42INYU5August 28, 2022
V7EC285AWHSeptember 7, 2022
9PTZYD2F8September 13, 2022
OM6YHWPAF8GAugust 13, 2022
RQXK9DJ28MZ4July 22, 2022
6EGOD0LK27RAugust 11, 2022

Download ( V1.7.3 )
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