APK - Updated on January 24, 2023

Do you know that 2×2 is 4? What if you multiply 4 by 2, you get 8? Relax, this is not an attempt to test your knowledge of elementary grammar. And we do not suggest that you study or remember the multiplication table, just now you have the opportunity to see how fun and entertaining its application in practice can be. From now on, numbers are not only mathematical symbols, but also your opportunity to compete in the speed of multiplying numbers by 2, along with your friends. Get to the number 2048 first and win your intellectual victory!

2048  MOD APK (God Mode) 3.38.11 (161)

How to do it? Everything is simple. According to the principle of tags, we move the cubes with numbers up or down, to the right or left, and try to make sure that they end up on neighboring cells with cubes in which similar numbers are written off. For example, if there are cubes with the number 2 in each of them nearby, then the cubes will merge, and their, or rather, now, their value will double. That is, you will receive a cube with the number 4. Bring together such cubes and increase their value. Put 32 cubes next to each other and get a 64 cube. That is your task.

“Pair” the cubes by moving them around the field and make sure that there are cubes with the numbers 1024 in each of them next to each other. By connecting them, you will get the number 2048. This will mean that you have reached the final of the game, and if you did it before others, then you won!

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