APK - Updated on January 10, 2023

2048 is the goal of the game in the title itself. Bring the same numbers together to double the number. When you score two thousand forty-eight points – your victory! The gameplay is very dynamic and fun.

2048  MOD APK (High Damage) 4.2.18

Experience the benefits of the best version of this number game. The game is well optimized – the animation is very smooth. You can make the game more pleasing to the eye if you choose a beautiful color theme, one of eighteen. If you suddenly made a mistake or clicked on the wrong part of the screen – it does not matter! There is a function to undo the last movement. This is unlikely to happen because the sensitivity configuration has been introduced. The game supports autosave. The game interface is devoid of all unnecessary and easy to use.

And finally the most important thing. The fun has no limits anymore – you can play in endless mode, that is, up to the number of arbitrarily huge! Tell your friends how much you scored in the game!

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