APK - Updated on January 6, 2023

3D Maze 2: Diamonds & Ghosts?? – action puzzle game. You have to go through the maze, and collect the maximum number of points to stay alive.

3D Maze 2: Diamonds and Ghosts  MOD APK (Unlimited Everything) 3.6

The developers approached the matter from the right side and voila – there is a beautiful labyrinth world. You will be offered 6 different labyrinths, each of which will have its own character. Your task is to complete the maze in a short time and take your line in the high score table.

The authors of the application turned out to be an interesting embodiment of the idea, and most importantly, they approached their business with all responsibility, to themselves and to users. Offering them a very interesting continuation of the game.

Each labyrinth is huge and unique, as well as dangerous and rich in crystals. You have to go through it all, but not looking at it from above, where you can see everything at once, but looking at it directly from the inside, and seeing only the walls around. Collect crystals and look for a special ruby ​​or sapphire that can give you super power for a certain time. The ruby ​​will give you an acceleration that will help you improve your results and hide from the ghosts that hide in the depths of the labyrinth and are looking for troublemakers everywhere, and the sapphire will give you a shield that will allow you not to run away from the ghosts, but to go on a frontal attack and break through them to victory. These abilities are given only once per attempt to go through the labyrinth, and only when a certain crystal is raised, however, if you manage to score a certain number of points, then you can purchase these opportunities for yourself on a permanent basis.

Use the map if you get lost or decide to collect more crystals. The top view will tell you which direction to go.

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