4x4 Safari: Online Evolution MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 23.12.1

Updated on June 16, 2024

Name 4×4 Safari: Online Evolution
Publisher JurassicApps
Category Game New
Version 23.12.1
Price FREE
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4×4 Safari: Online Evolution APK
4×4 Safari: Online Evolution MOD
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4×4 Safari: Evolution

4×4 Safari: Evolution is a real safari-style adventure, perfect for those who have always dreamed of visiting them. Start hunting for exotic species of animals and collect as many trophies as possible.

Discover Dozens of Animal Species

Dozens of animal species live in sunny Africa and other places like the jungle. If you have only heard about safaris, now you can immediately take part in them. Make sure to equip yourself with ample ammunition and weapons as some wild animals can be dangerous and may attack at any time.

Various Hunting Methods

Enjoy the thrill of hunting by shooting animals with a gun, crossbow, or even explosives. All methods are valid when you are participating in a safari. In 4×4 Safari: Evolution, players will have access to an open world for exploration and experience changes in climate throughout the days. Moreover, unconventional hunting methods like setting forests on fire are also available with all the necessary tools provided.

Game Features

4×4 Safari: Evolution offers various exciting features:

  • Many varieties of animals in exotic locations
  • Freedom of movement and action
  • Vehicles available for free
  • Colorful graphics in a realistic style
  • Abundance of equipment and items for players to utilize

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