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Ninth Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil is a giant 2D open-world RPG and collection dungeon crawler stuffed with journeys! When requested to investigate mysterious, ghostly sightings throughout the lake of Elmson, you trek by the lands of Cedaltia to uncover the truth. Upon arrival, you hear rumors of an untrustworthy king. Taking the path of the Chosen One, you journey to Lorwyck Fort to confront a robust enemy – traversing historic fortresses, darkish dungeons, dangerous swamps, and further!

Shortly, you find yourself on the coronary coronary heart of a foreboding prophecy. Equip your most significant gear and journey all through the fields of Ashwick, the snowy areas of Halston, the dense forests of Vlak, the sprawling depths of massive dungeons, and the dangerous Gap Mountains of Scorn on an epic quest to uncover the secrets and techniques and methods of a mysterious evil strain …

9th Dawn III RPG Mod APK 1.71 (Unlimited Money)

Addicting and easy to become lost in.. An amazing world to explore in the palm of your hand.. skills take to long level up and are necessary for progression. this makes the game boring because you need to spend hours of sitting and mining or something and not playing the game. not worth playing unless you can cheat ,AFK grind or edit skill values.. Can't start the game. Dont work in android 8. Dont update if you have the 1.60 version and its work fine.. Absolute gem of a game. So much love and passion put into this work of art. Thank you Valorware, for the continued improvements and innovations made across the 9th dawn series! I can't wait to see what the future holds for it. This is one of the best open RPG's out there. Consider giving it a try. For the paultry price, I feel you wont regret it!.

Great. Not as good as the first one but way better then the second one.. Fun ARPG. I would like some slightly more detailed graphics, though the style is cute. And maybe cut the price by 2 bucks or so. Overall, nice work.. Excellent they took what you love from the first two 9th dawn games and rolled it into this perfect, mobile phone adventure, huge map, open world, plenty of things to do and the graphics are decent! I would have paid $20 for this type of game!!. This game is essential if you like good open world games. Super charming, fun combat and exploration, a good party/taming system, and great pixel art..

original.. I have played all the 9th dawn games since the beginning and have remained a fan. I really love the art direction in this one and the gameplay does not disappoint. This is my favorite so far. Keep it up!. It's really good and in depth. It made me want to restart a few times to try different styles of play. It also has a good sense of difficulty you most definitely want to come prepared with supplies for your adventures! Another thing I found interesting was how it's not really a Diablo clone as you might think. What I mean by that is how you approach situations don't expect to be able to tear thru mobs of enemies. There is always a workaround!!!. Incredibly deep old school RPG with crazy combat mechanics. Skills are raised by using them like Ultima online or RuneScape. Huge game as far as I can tell too. Awesome. 4 stars because it absolutely OBLITERATES my battery on the Pixel 6. No idea what is happening. I can game all day with maybe half battery use, 9th dawn 3 claws itself through half of my battery in less than an hour. Maybe the dev can take a look at what's happening with Pixel phones?. I like 9th dawn III buuuut. There has been a serious oversight in the trade with companion feature. As it is missing completely. Or to the lack of trade feature there isn't even a community gold feature so each member can buy equipment with the gold main character has. Serious update needed here..

I give this game 5 stars for many reasons, it's a perfect game in many ways. However many additional things could be added to make the game yet more fun, I would love to have the ability to attack and move at the same time simultaneously is a must and to have more quests and more dungeons and a better mapping system and monster multipler for more enemies, higher level caps, ect, ect... I love the fact that our inventory is infinite so let's keep it that way, the gaming is awsome and I love it.. Updating my review. Works now flawlessly. One of the best games on the Google Play marketplace.. Too slow and grindy for a mobile game.. It's one of my favorite time killers. I can't get it to start, something is wrong with the game. Please fix this game . I miss playing this game.. Good game runs really well and is based on a single customizable character+dual joystick combat.

Played the demo, bought the game. I have finally found a game to topple Exiled Kingdoms from my favourite RPG on Android. Don't get me wrong, EK is still awesome, it's just that 9thD3 is even better. It's incredible that I am able to say that. Well done Valorware.. It was accessibility compatibility fix, all good now! I love this game and the whole series! Ty. Reall fun game wirh lots of game content.. This would be a five star review were it not for bugs. I just hit one thar has ruined my game and ten hours of play. Some of these bugs should not exist in the first place. The game has been around for a while now so should not have nasty bugs such as a crafting bench permantly breaking because I made too many jewels at once.. It's a great game! Has good rpg elements, no class system, so you make your character how you want. Game could use balancing. Magic spells are very OP while melee/bow is lackluster. Example, getting 3rd lvl ice spell completely nukes enemies, does big damage and spammable. Mana isn't an issue mid game either. Crafting is fun, again, needs balance. Mining is ridiculous. You seriously need to AFK it somehow overnight to get anywhere with it for L ores..

After developer resolved issue I can now get I to game on Samsung s22 ultra. No bugs or crashes so far. Game feels smooth and great so far. Thank you for fixing. Great stuff!! Lot of fun so far. Can't wait to get deeper into it. Thank you again!. Excellent until it stopped working. It now crashes on start. The gameplay features twin stick controls. You gain new abilities by finding ability coins. These abilities include healing, melee buffs, and magic fix attacks. Also crafting and pet bonuses. Crafting is a huge part of the game and the systems are well done. You do not need abilities to craft or recruit pets. They just help.. Amazing game!!!. Able to play again. Thanks, game is as fun as ever.. Not only an awesome game, awesome developers as well. This is my favorite game on android and I am super happy that you fixed for android 12! Thank you so much!.

Fixes by dev and I'm happy now. Developer fixed crashes and game is excellent.. Honestly quite fun, more depth than you'd think. Lot of room for flexibility in build. Great game!. 500 character limit for this review is no where near enough to tell you all that needs to be said about this game. All you need to know is that it's worth the price and you should play it..

Not my cup of tea - didn't like anything: I did a time-consuming cooking quest early on and the rewards were pathetically bad. The attributes and (combat) skills don't feel satisfying. Dungeons are annoying because every room spawn 10 mobs, it's basically a hack'n'slash and you spamming health potions. In short, it's an ARPG with lacklustre combat and weird NPC dialogues. On top of that the game has a pointless TCG implemented. Too many irrelevant features, should have focused on 2-3 things.. One of the best hidden gem of mobile RPG on Playstore. High replayability, lots of content, funny NPC dialogue. Slay monsters in the dungeon, capture powerful and cool looking monsters as your pets, be a world-class card battler, it's all your choice. Just don't call Foddy "Foody".. Note 20 Ultra - black screen on starting a game. Unfortunate. Great game if you love rpg hack n slash. Just get it you won't be disappointed.. Really like it so far..

This seems like such a fun game but it keeps crashing on my Samsung galaxy s 22 ultra . Another gem from Valorware. If you want a 2D Skyrim experience on mobile, this is a wise choice.. Excellent! Tons of fun! I bought 1&2 this game is way better. I hope you put together one more 9th dawn game.. Could you guys fix the game because a game keep on freezing on me when I try to play it on my phone. Unable to launch the game. Game immediately closes out upon launch. Galaxy 22 Ultra..

Lol, I was already going to rate 5 stars, then I found out there's a really good companion system. I've seen a lot of people call it 2d elder scrolls. That's accurate, except the combat is an enjoyable experience, and there aren't enough bugs for an elder scrolls game. Super impressive out of a small team. I really wish I had picked up the first 2 sooner.. The game won't load and immediately crashes. So good. Like an Old school Diablo.. Game will not open. I tap on the game icon and get a black screen that either immediately closes or lingers until it's closed out. Galaxy S21. It's a good game, I'm just unable to play atm.. Time for an update... Dropping rating until update is released..

Excellent rpg with tons of content. The creature collecting and card game could be great stand alone experiences and they make for fun side tasks here. If you're like me and gaming on a retroid pocket 2+ then this should be part of your library.. App crashes immediately after creating character, Samsung s21 ultra.. Phenomenal game. Great fun excellent skill system, wish more games had this system. Only started scratching the surface, look forward to seeing what more is in it. Great work guys. ENDLESS HRS OF FUN!! Kudos Dev. Casual fun. I play this whenever I have a few minutes (or hours) to kill. Pretty simple but there's a lot to do. I bought it so no ads and for someone like me that's enough. I hate ads and won't play games with them. Not pay to win, either. I just wander around beating stuff up and exploring. Well worth the five or so bucks I paid. I can't remember..

I have a Samsung Galaxy 21 plus and the game crashes as soon as I start a game. I can load the app, create a character, but the game crashes 100% of the time I gp to enter the game. Very disappointing due to me being extremely excited to play it and for the price of $10 I would expect to be able to actually play the game.. Fun but not enough explanation on how items effect your stats. As of now I see zero reason my mage would use any other armor besides heavy armor. No negative to it and no bonus to wear mage armor. Very strange.. Ome of the best old school top down games a must have for fans of the gounra. Awesome underrated game. Mechanics and game play are great. 5 stars hands down! I'm hooked!. I had a great time playing but all the sudden it glitched and kept crashing on me then somehow I lost 3 days of playing So I got pissed off and restarted it and now it will keep glitching and shutting off every time it tries to save.

Great but could be better, the abilities need to be more in-depth and customisable. No skills for bows/xbows?. Great game!. It's easy to get into. Smooth controls and progression. Fun gameplay. High quality graphics and sound. Nice for long and short sessions. It feels like the developer wants players to get immersed in the gameplay. He succeeds.. Great game!. Great hack n slash rpg with tons of features like pet/monster taming, fishing, and all sorts of crafting!.

I concur with most of the reviews. I'm not very far in yet but MAN am I hooked. This may very well be a game I can play over and over for a long time. The Elder Scrolls references from other reviews are spot on in my opinion. AMAZING work dev. I'm gonna buy the first two just to show love and see the progression. If you like this style of gane you can't go wrong. WELL worth the price tag.. Killer game so far. Really enjoy it. Loads of content and replayability factor, I like the fact that there isn't a class system so you can mix and match abilities as you see fit. Only getting started but I am already firmly convinced this was $10 well-spent.. . Was fun until the constant crashing has now made it unplayable..

There is a reason why this game hasn't had a recent review worse than 5 stars. It. Is. Amazing. Hands down probably the best RPG on mobile.. Really fun! When I initially tried earlier entries, I just wasn't feeling the art style. After looking at reviews for this, though, I decided to give it a try. If you enjoy the charm of Paper Mario's graphical style, you'll like that about it. It is a very in depth RPG. Don't let the normal difficulty fool you! Enemies start out as pushovers, but by the time you reach the 2nd area, it gets real. I was thinking of rerolling on hard mode until that point. I woulda rage quit where I'm at by now.. Played most of it through on PS4. It ports really well to mobile. If you like ARPGs, it's depth will have you hooked. You could honestly dump hours into this game.. How do I cast spell. Great on my Amazon 10 Fire Tablet! Has depth to the story, fun lore with bosses and great loot. I just found a companion and did not know how to skill them, so I didn't. I made them a mage and it is awesome I changed classes and now have a great dps tank, with a cannon that can heal I control. Changed the game, I can even retreat and then resurrect the tank. It's easy to die in if you aren't careful, just enough difficulty to make it fun. Mage is a good backup but won't use spells..

So far so good. I have only played a couple of hours for now and it certainly is nice, although the controls needs to be rework, it would be great if its possible to attack while moving. For now 4 stars. Awesome game so far! Starts out easy but ramps up quick. Lots to explore so far but I feel like I just scratched the surface 4 hours in.. Noice. Excellent, if Flawed, Game. I played the demo of this game and enjoyed it enough that I felt it would be a good buy. After putting much more time into it, I'm confident saying it was indeed a good buy. It's far from perfect, but it is nonetheless charming and addictive. There's tons of stuff to do and find: side quests, secrets, equipment and weapons to find, crafting, and even creature capturing. Definitely worth a purchase and better than 95% of mobile RPGs.. I really enjoy playing this game. I think it would be so much better if multiplayer was incorporated. I like all the great abilities you can learn and the way it is open world as well. If you added perhaps classes with class specific abilities that would be awesome. Thanks for a great game!.

Great in depth rpg on the go. Well worth the money. A fantastic game. Plenty of things to do, and worth the pricetag.. Great game. A cellphone rpg masterpiece. The creator of the game used to play an old mmorpg called Dransik. Which is what the game feels like. I will continue playing these games and if he ever makes one into a mobile MMO I'll play it to.. I like this game - 65 hrs in and i really want to finish! But the maps & dungeons are too dark. Unless the room I'm in is dark I can't see this freaking game! My eyes are decent but friend with slightly lower vision can't play it at all . I abosolutly love this game. The guys/ladies at valorware hav done an awsome job on this one. I have played the first two and out of the three, this one takes the cake. I like the fact that u hav different game modes. I like the rouge mode, and the fact that u can chose not to do the main quest line if you don't want to. U can venture on your own if u want. One other thing i like about this game is that it isn't your typical hack'n'slash, you have to use some tactics..

Good game. Much enjoyment.. The Mini Witcher 3... I mean, 9the Dawn III absolutely deserves every 1 of the 5 stars available for a mobile game. I bought the app a year or so ago and have run it on a few different devices all of which run it flawlessly. My Witcher joke is inspired by true sentiments and comparison. If you enjoy the Witcher game for more than the digital resolution, you'll probably enjoy this game as well. If you not familiar with Witcher, read the description. This app is exactly what it says it is.. I've already sank about 40 hours into this. Lots of fun, it's like a 2D Skyrim without the constant system crashes.. Not sure the cause but every time my download gets up in the 90s it begins all over. Over and over. I'm a returning player so I'm not sure the issue* either way great game UPDATE The issue resolved itself. Will write more on the game once I've gotten to play some more. I'm hooked. It plays well, no issues so far. Loads of content, massive world, tons of skills / abilities and attribute to make for a awesome rpg on your phone. Lots of quests, story line, etc to do. People complain about dungeon respawns but I actually kinda think of it as a feature, if you're the kind who's inclined to grind. Worth the money.

Love the game. So many different things to do. Very adventurous. Great game. It's an actual RPG, and a COMPLETE experience, that you can get lost in for many hours. If you enjoyed Morrowind, think of that but an isometric pixel art version. It's more simple to play, but VERY mechanically deep. One thing I'd really like to see is the ability to hide system messages, reduce the size, have it time out. I also think it's a bit expensive for a mobile game. Something like $6.99 or $7.99 seems more realistic, but it's not TERRIBLY overpriced for the content you get.. Great RPG game with real RPG feels. My only nitpick is the game lighting, I hope the lighting brightness and fog of war can be adjusted because it feels too dark for me even on daytime.. One of the best rpg games I've played, I've played alot, for a 1 man team you have done superb. I played the 1st one, and it was good, I didnt play the second because of the reviews, but the 3rd on just blew me away with how it is, it's simple but perfect. Great job.. what a surprise.. i tried 9th dawn when it came out and hated it.. i tried 9th dawn 2 and found it a little better but the jumping mechanic turned me away, but the 3rd iteration is on the mark, everything i disliked in the previous titles are gone, can rack hours into this one, thanks..

very good, you cant go wrong with this dev RPG. Next game, i hope you add more "sandbox"-y aspect, in class or build, like the timeless masterpiece, skyrim. This game is so amazing. Long have I looked for a mobile game to give me the feelings or morrowind or skyrim. Long have I want a mobile game to give me a huge world to explore and challenging dungeons to conquer. This game has all of that and more! By the time I think I have figured it out it surprises me with another mechanic! This game is a challenge there is no 2 ways about it but it is so rewarding when you have put in the time and effort to meet your foes in battle on even ground.. I've been playing this series from the first and have been increasingly pleased with the titles but this one is over the top! The expansion into building and monster lore is increadable! It's a whole new world to explore. I'm stunned by the expansiveness of the game. Keep up the fantastic work, please!!. Love it brings Me back to My Diablo days. I enjoy all the 9th Dawn games and will continue to purchase them as they become available.

Hurr durr let me just throw up enemies in every room and they respawn if you reset, BY GOING INTO A LADDER IN THE SAME DUNGEON.. oh and you need to farm ability coins to even play the game. Horrible design, do not recommend.. 10/10 class Dungeon Crawler. This game is awesome, just beat it last night, 30 hours+ worth of gameplay with sidequests and tons of skills and minigames. Absolutely worth every penny!. A masterpiece.. I've bought all 9th Dawn games so far. This is the best one but I love all of them for the same reasons and this one is the most fine tuned gameplay and questing. The card game is really good too, toy surprise. Only gripe I have is that enemies can become so abundant that it's just hard to keep track..

At first I was a little taken aback by the paper thin character model, but it quickly grew on me as I was enamored by the amount of content. However, why tf can crabs use shadow ball from pokemon? Das my only issue. If it's not crabs idk. That's the only thing I see before I do a ded. Maybe ran a bit to far to quickly. :D. Gewd soe farr. Very fun game. 10/10 gamepad support (xbox one wireless controller). The controls for game pad are very similar to FFXIV's cross hotbar, I only wish you could use advanced cross hotbar controls. There's also a card game that you can play with any NPC in the game. It's not terribly hard but its fun even if you normally hate card games.. Addicted to this gameplay. Next time some points can be improved: the graphics. I don't mind to have and play this app if this improvement requires additional hundreds MB and cost . While this game isn't perfect, it's truly been an enjoyable game. Certainly one of the most underrated games I've played in a while. This game has a lot to offer and has a lot of replay value. My kid just killed me on hard mode with perma death at level 80 playing around when I set my phone down. It has cheats built in and a normal mode that even casual players can finish, lots of hours of gameplay, and hard more as well as permanent death if you want a real challenge. Just play it!.

Got some problems with joystick. Great game! Morrowind like RPG setup where using your skills makes them stronger. The odds of crafting skills are very true. Cooking 40 items at 25% could very easily land you only 5 or 6 items. The map is vast and well done with tons of little nuggets to find. No IAP! It's a game built to be a game! :). A fantastic open world rpg with loads of depth, detail and action. Highly recommended!. This game is so underrated. Great visuals and mechanics. Not quite optimized for smart phones. There is even no controller customization, which makes it awful to control the character. I only played it for an hour, and so far I've not experienced any creative game systems or eye-catching artworks..

This is a great game! It has a huge open world, a variety of classes you can pick from such as a mage or a rogue, etc. The game has great loot and has a lot of weapons. Now, I have just one problem, which is very annoying. And that is when you get back into the game after saving and quiting the monsters spawn back and literally gang up on you and kill you. This is very annoying because that means you get spawned back at the bloodspawn and have to do the dungeon all over again.. Guaaaau! Estoy, Favi, en, 9th Dawn III, y mi compadre es, Nameless. El es un hombre, duro, y toco muerto muy bien. Lupo correr al Nameless y yo, yo corro, para Nameless, muerto. Yo no puedo para amo, Nameless. Yo pensivo, Seikilos, mucho conmigo. Yo sonriso, I lost all my cards in, Fyued! Los en los, yo disfruto mucho, 9th Dawn III. Esta perfeccion.. It's interesting, when I can see what's going on, but without a torch or some way to brighten up your surroundings the hole day and night shift is just a major flaw, auto save function can't be turned off which sucks, several maps are cut and paste from 9th dawn 2, it's basically what we were supposed to get when we bought the second 9th dawn which was accused of being complete when it was abandoned to make this one. Nice rpg.. Halo, 9th dawn I player here. I screamed so much when I first play this awesome game; you can roll around, fishing, crafting, taming creatures. Very fun! Crafting is what makes me spent hours of gameplay. Monster stat in storage seems to show 0 instead of their actual status (they are lv.50). Is this a bug? Also, where to get snow in coulstell? Is this quest bugged?.

Looks very immersive so far.. I really just bought this game for the same reason I buy all this guy's games. They deserve the support, the content and quality are there. Every game is leaps and bounds better than the last. This one is no exception (at least I'm sure it will be once I dive in).. Solid RPG with tons of content for the price. Some suggestions tho: Quick switch between weapon Loadouts (Switching between ranged and melee would be useful since ranged has limited ammo). Button mapping--cant stand placement of dodge. Would like to move a few hotkeys for spells and items as well to make easier. A little smoother melee animation. I think the slow down is way too much. Maybe 50% vs 95% slow down would be smoother. Overall game is worth the price. Just get by 1st couple hrs. Easy to be lost. Doesn't even start you out with a basic spell. Great game but made my phone run slow.

The gameplay is a beautiful mix treasure and questing but also love the graphics are phenomenal. Thank you. Amazing game, just finished my first playthrough and I'm gutted it's finished. Hope the developer makes a 4th one!. At first when I was looking at this game I was more than a little turned off because of the stranger format and what at the time I thought was something that looked like running around and doing some kind of " Spell Thing " ..... For the price it was which was double or even triple more than other role-playing style games I held off but the reviews kept me coming back. IT IS BAD A#%! Totally buy this if like me you like the original Diablo style of games, be ready to put in 500 plus hours thou. Excellent controller support! That is something I always look for on Android games. Looking forward for multiplayer.. Amazing game, spent over 250 hours playing the hard mode, live everything about this game, I loved the card game, got every single card and shiny..

These games keep getting better.. Guys, are you fed up with annoying pay to win and micro transactions? You want a really fun rpg with lot of content and hours of gamplay? Download this game, I've played all the 9th dawn games and i can't wait to play every future sequel. This is easily one of my favorite mobile games of all time, it's one of my favorite games in general. It starts off slow but the more you play it the more it opens up. The world is so vast and yet its all so connected and full of things to do. It has all the crafting staples (cooking, alchemy, weapon/armor smiting) and they all take a long time to master. There's also a pet capturing system and a completely customizable companion. Do yourself a favor and get this game, and wear headphones!. Amazing game! Well worth the money.. Really big game. I mean that. REALLY. BIG. GAME! I'm just blown away by the scope of this thing. And the graphics are fine. This is pixel Elder Scrolls. Nuff said..

Love the game. Only issue i have at the moment is I wish there was something added to make Foddy forgive you for calling him Foody, i did that on accident and starting out trying to grind for gold isn't the easiest thing when you need to buy waterfor recipes to do the tavern quest. Maybe a quest where he can send you to gather some things etc so upon completion the prices in his shop go back to normal.. Solid RPG, after the free demo, easy choice pay a few bucks and get hours of fun, free to roam and grind to level up, graphics simple, but this is fine by me, reminds me of old school RPG, good job done by developers, easy 5*. All 9th Dawn games have been great.. Trash. Massive game. From the build perspective, it's Witcher on the phone, but with cool classic graphic. You can catch any monsters to fight beside you... Like 10 dragons... That's awesome... Or you can play solo choosing one of the 8 main routes... My favourite is ice palladin build..

Ok so i am writing another review for this game. This game the more you progress gets much better. Once you get the pick axe and can mine you can get money alot easier. This is really a great game and has a ton of content. Has similar content as runescape and diablo 2 both of wich i love.. Great indie game. The game developer does need to hire 2 more people to help him w/coding a better, more detailed graphics engine for the next 9th Dawn sequel. The writing and quests will need to be more polished, the graphics will need to be brought more up to date, and the animations will need to look a lot less janky and more natural and fluid. The developer really does need to update the aging graphics engine quite a bit. With a 3 man team, they could do fit all of that in 3 GBs.. Addictive, intense, yet cute. All balanced perfectly.. I havent gotten very far but it seems like a very expansive and large map game. Gold is a bit of a problem at the start but it doesnt take long to get going. I wish that there was more weapons and armor and such to buy and also maybe a random item buy too. Ability coins take a bit at gathering and waiting till you want an ability to spend on. Overall, good dungeon crawler with rouge like qualities and skilll building.. Wasnt what i thought it was.

Great game, funnest dungeon crawler I've played in a long time. Wish it's features were a bit more intertwined and progressed at same pace. Seems like the game is over by the time pet catching and crafting become useful.. Fantastic mix of old and New RPG elements. Totally worth it.. This game is great. I downloaded it from a less than reputable source at first and had fun but got super frustrated, because I wasn't playing correctly. Big mistake on my end. Decided to do the right thing and pay for it, now I'm having a blast. Just cleared the serpent pit and am so excited to see what else this behemoth of a game has to offer. Super stoked to start taming creatures. Shout out to everyone who worked on this game, the art, music, level design, they're all A plus. . Fantastic job hope to see more from you!! I've played all three and this one is a masterpiece. Soooo many aspects like creature capture, fyued(card game), extensive crafting, abilities, skills, and tons of thoughtful dungeons and quests. Will keep you busy for weeks. Love it!.

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