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Modification A Golden Past completely copies the setting of the original game: the main character takes over as a guard of a pizzeria inhabited by evil robots. To escape from the attack, the player must use various devices – while the set of available tools has become much wider and more diverse. As you progress through the user will open new, more difficult levels until it reaches the bonus round. The whole gameplay is accompanied by a gloomy atmosphere, frightening sounds and screamers.

Character Overview

Being at the workplace for 6 hours, the hero must monitor the animatronics and protect his life from them. Only four puppets walk around the pizzeria building in Golden Past: Fredbear, Springbonnie, Foxy and Endo 01. They are slightly different from the robots found in the FNAF games, but that does not make them less dangerous. On the contrary, the animatronics in the modified version received new abilities and upgraded the artificial intelligence that controls them.

How to pass levels

To survive, the player can use a variety of means – cameras, a flashlight, doors, as well as alarms, heating and loud sounds. Access to all tools is opened from a computer installed in the office. Translation of fan adaptation into Russian is not yet available, but you can guess the purpose of the buttons from the icons. The computer also displays the battery level and an options button that returns you to the menu.

Some animatronics are more sensitive to certain defenses. So, to confront Foxy, the player should use the backlight. The heating, in turn, can be directed against Endo 01, which moves along the ventilation. If several dolls approach the office, the player can use the sound – then all the robots return to the hall, where they stand during the working day. A similar effect is produced by signaling, which frightens and disorients robots.

As in other official and unofficial FNAF games, in A Golden Past Chapter 1, the main “currency” is electricity. The player can use gadgets until they run out of electricity; if the charge is running out, then the animatronics automatically enter the office and arrange a brutal reprisal. At the same time, the modification gives users an advantage, because. the battery recharges slowly when the computer is turned off. In order to charge the device faster, the player will have to turn off the cameras.

Additional Content

The main storyline includes five nights. After completing the story mode, the user gets access to a menu with additional content, including a bonus night. The bonus episode differs from the classic levels by the ability to customize the animatronics – in other words, change their intelligence. Also in the menu there is a section with cut screamers for each robot, screenshots from developers and doll models.

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