News - Updated on March 28, 2022

There is such a game Domina. It is dedicated to gladiator fights and offers to lead a school of fighters in ancient Rome. Judging by the general positive reviews, the game is quite decent and interesting, but the developer now and then inserts dubious jokes and statements into patch descriptions. Now they hurt the reputation Domina.

The description of the latest patch, which was released on March 9, contains a list of balance changes, bug fixes, optimization improvements, and here is a monologue from the developer:

REMOVE YOUR MASKS, BLD. The next time you go shopping, try showing your face to a woman. Exude self-confidence, do not be afraid of LIES – and then you may have a girlfriend. Women love confidence. Women don’t like men who cover their faces in fear. What are you afraid of? Hookup? Grow up already.

This is not the first time the creator Domina having fun in patch descriptions. A couple of other examples:

  • Tactical multiplayer has gone into open beta. To join the “beta”, select it in the properties of the game in Steam.

  • John McAfee certainly didn’t kill himself. Very doubtful. Damn doubtful.

Patch dated June 24, 2021

  • Balance: Prestige Endurance training scaling has been nerfed.

  • Fix: Anachronistic healer training procedures.

  • New: Unarmed men will sometimes* fight instead of running around looking for weapons.

  • New: Charioteer’s Whip now has a better chance of disarming an enemy if you whip a gladiator in combat.

(* Some men won’t fight anyway. They are weak. Weak men are uncountable. Weak men lack willpower. People with an inner core are hard to find. It must be nurtured through work and sacrifice, not through OnlyFans or PornHub. No those whores are the devil’s playthings that show you succubus boobs in the hope that you will spend your seed on them instead of growing potatoes or learning a new language or computer programming. do something useful because no one will give you anything on a silver platter, and this whole mess that is called civilization will only get worse.We need solutions, we need smart men who work hard to bring these solutions to life Jerking off to screen girls isn’t going to solve the energy crisis, is it?

…Or play video games, relax and get to work tomorrow with a fresh mind. I don’t know how best to proceed in your situation.

Well, really… Don’t let strangers on the Internet tell you how to live your life. If you need guidance on how to live, read the New Testament. There are only lies on the Internet.)

May 6, 2021 patch

Screenshot from Domino.

It seems that this is still conscious humor: for example, in one of the descriptions, the developer laid out an encyclopedic definition of the word “joke”:

joke (n.):
• Something done for fun or entertainment.
• An entertaining story with an unexpected twist.
• A team of one developer that makes a multiplayer game.

But the last statement about masks misfired. Apparently, it no longer looks like deliberate humor, so a local portal to hell opened up in the comments to the patch notes: people began to scribble messages for a kilometer and absolutely seriously swear at each other. The developer himself added fuel to the fire of discussions: he expressed several theses against masks, where irony is not visible (if it exists at all). As a result, at the time of writing the news, the topic scored over 470 replies – previous patches usually barely scraped a dozen.

The speech angered the audience so much that the scores Domina on Steam over the past 30 days have fallen to “extremely negative”. The most popular reviews are dedicated to the tirade about masks, although some users complain about a scattering of small DLCs to the heap – they say that they were cut out of the game and began to be sold separately. To be fair, these DLCs arrived in mid-2021, four years after the original release. Domina.

It seems that the developer himself does not yet admit whether he is joking or this time he is serious – at least we could not find his comments about this.

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