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A mess on dad’s head – While mom is not at home, you will have to help your dad with the house. This game is available for girls and will give them a lot of fun. Help the head of the family until mom is gone.

A mess on dad’s head – While mom is not at home
 Discount Codes (2023 February) 1.0.7
All Codes Expiration date
JWOI8M6LC15 February 26, 2023
OUVCNBY0SP February 11, 2023
56QV0R31L February 27, 2023
G70RV5Q1PXI January 10, 2023
7CLU91VGJ2ZK February 19, 2023
7NO8EK34H6A February 10, 2023
8KCPX5W6YZR February 15, 2023
O3XBFGUN4W January 28, 2023
PN2319RJI February 15, 2023
4PD0KWCVY1J February 8, 2023
ODGVJNL7QTB3 January 5, 2023
1B9RNPIU57K February 21, 2023

Dad urgently needs help and you will need to help in this. The head of the family this time is in great need of daughters when the mother left to fly away. Girls in this virtual game will be able to complete a huge number of amazing tasks and go through many quests. Complete amazing tasks and enjoy the qualitatively recreated atmosphere of this game. Players will need to clean the house, prepare lunch and dinner, and many other things ahead. Feel like a little kid when you can download Bardak on daddy’s head – While mom is not at home for android, and play the game. Dad was supposed to take the place of the leader, but he cannot cope without children. Dad is not ready for such trials and does not know what to do at the very beginning. So that there is no mess in the house, the daughters themselves must follow everything and help around the house to perfection. Show dad what will need to be done so that when mom arrives, the house shone with cleanliness and beauty. The best help for dad in the game Mess on Dad’s Head – While Mom is not at home As soon as the girls can download Mess on Dad’s Head – While Mom is away on android, they will have to complete a huge number of tasks in this virtual world. Engage in the selection of beautiful outfits and clothing items. Help dad dress you up in beautiful clothes and choose the right costumes. When the house is too dirty, you will need to clean everything up and do the dishes. Even dinner and breakfast must be prepared by you. In general, there will be a lot of work in this house and it must be done as efficiently and well as possible. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics will create a lot of impressions, and girls will not be able to tear themselves away from such an amazing game.

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