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GhostWire: Tokyo is an action-adventure about Tokyo engulfed by otherworldly forces, which will see the light of day in a few days. Traditionally, the press got to the game earlier, so they had time to form their own opinions. In short, in general, critics are satisfied with the project, but there are imperfections in it.

At the time of writing, GhostWire: Tokyo 76 out of 100 on OpenCritic (85 reviews; 65% recommend) and 75 out of 100 on Metacritic (PS5 version, 87 reviews). Excerpts from some materials:

  • The author of VG247 (4/5) liked how Tango Gameworks coped with the open world and made it “alive” and interesting even without people around. The streets of Tokyo are filled with action, whether it’s a group of ghosts dragging another poor fellow to hell, or demons roaming the city. However, some elements of game design seemed outdated to the reviewer. We are talking about torii – gate towers that suck in the fog and thereby open sections of the map.

GhostWire: Tokyo was an impressively bold step in a new direction for Tango Gameworksand it paid off in full.

  • A Game Informer journalist (8/10) thinks the short length GhostWire: Tokyo does her good:

I completed the story campaign in about 14 hours and spent a few more hours doing secondary activities. No matter how banal the plot and gameplay, GhostWire doesn’t waste your time. The game uses all the elements of the gameplay to a sufficient extent and displays them before they have time to bother you.

  • IGN (7/10) praised the action movie’s visual style and attention to environmental detail for an immersive experience. However, the combat system and “uninteresting mission design” spoiled the impression:

IN GhostWire: Tokyo incredible visual design and very well realized Tokyo. The game does a lot of things right, but it just lacks the gameplay to push it to the top.

GhostWire: Tokyo launches on March 25 on PC and PlayStation 5. Six graphics modes were promised for the console, and the computer version was equipped with an extensive settings menu and support for several image scaling technologies.

PC, PlayStation 5

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