APK - Updated on September 19, 2023

Zombie Farm is a humorous sandbox that breaks the stereotypes about zombies. You are a cheerful zombie who fell in love with a girl and wants to become a man. Go in search of a zombie, a mysterious potion that, when brewed, will restore your human form. You will find many hilarious adventures, secrets and treasures scattered in various places.

A zombie farm
MOD APK (Last Update) 4.47

In the Zombie Farm game, you can grow unique plants, brew potions and extract resources. You can build an entire city by controlling zombie workers who will help you clear your island and build various buildings. Expand your possessions and decorate the island with various structures, then your home will become much more comfortable.
If you love exploration, then Zombie Farm will definitely appeal to you. Here you can get to various islands, each of which hides its secrets and treasures. You will find a huge number of unique locations from snow-covered islands to underground caves. Each island that you have explored can be built up with buildings and decorated with your own decorations.
A huge number of quests are waiting for you in Zombie Farm. Collecting resources, helping local residents, exploring new locations, building new buildings and much more – here you will not be bored for a minute. In addition to the main line of tasks, developers periodically introduce temporary islands with additional quests, treasures and unique rewards.

  • Humorous sandbox with zombies in the title role.
  • Build your own city and decorate it.
  • Explore many unique islands.
  • Complete a huge number of interesting quests and return to your human form.
  • Trade and exchange gifts with friends.

Download ( V4.47 )
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