Codes - Updated on July 13, 2022

The AA2 app is a new app for Android mobile phones and tablets.

List of Discount Codes Expiration date
GWMPR6Q8CD1 July 25, 2022
ECADPI749M July 31, 2022
EOCH7A5VY August 8, 2022
UQ8GT0ZKFVR July 31, 2022
NG20TXZ7J8PD July 25, 2022
W0X8O5LR3EI July 29, 2022

In fact, the application is a highly improved version of the legendary “Snake”, which was installed as standard on all old mobile phones. But the descendant of the “Snake” AA2 has become much more complex and exciting.

In the game you have to go through many difficult levels, for the victory in which you will be awarded game points. The more points – the more new levels you can open. The game has a very simple design, but this did not prevent it from taking a leading position among fans of such applications.

To complete all the levels, you will need to show all your logic and ingenuity, so the game AA2 can be safely called not just entertainment, but a kind of gymnastics for the brain.

Since the game was specially created for mobile devices, it has a very simple control: to solve the desired task, just press a few buttons on the screen.

The game is completely free, but contains in-game paid content. You can disable it in the internal settings of the game. The application does not contain prohibited information or aggression, therefore it is suitable not only for adults, but also for children of different ages.

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