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False Kojima Hasan Kahraman has stepped out of the gaming underground once again for an interview with IGN. Discussion centered around deleted tweets Blue Box Game Studioshowever, in the end, the developer also shared fresh details about the prologue Abandoned.

Short version, theses

Something is taken directly from Kahraman’s quotes, and IGN retold something from the words of the developer.

  • Prologue Abandoned – paid game with a small price tag.

  • The prologue will allow you to get acquainted with the beginning of the story, try out gameplay that is somehow different from other games, and appreciate the graphics with realistic environments on Unreal Engine 5.

  • The duration of the prologue is one to two hours.

  • The prologue has its own set of achievements, including going platinum on the PlayStation 5.

  • The money from sales of the prologue will be invested in the production of the full version.

  • Application-“experience” Abandoned on PS5, they will start filling in cutscenes sometime after the release of the prologue.

  • Kahraman is reluctant to make any promises regarding release dates as he fears creating false expectations among the public.

  • Blue Box deleted tweets because there was irrelevant information. The studio was surprised that the audience took it so sharply.

Long version, with quotes from Kahraman

About deleted tweets

I didn’t think it would turn out like this [и люди воспримут удаление твитов как признак отмены Abandoned]. I didn’t think the community would react like this. Roughly speaking, the tweets were deleted, as some concepts have changed. I thought it was a good idea to delete the tweets and write posts with more up to date information. But it wasn’t a good idea. Now I understand that they should have been left behind. Even if the information or concept has changed, the old information should be kept. People themselves will see the difference and understand which of these is more relevant.

About the prologue

The prologue is not a demo. People keep saying it’s a demo. But this is not a demo. This is a standalone game. She has a price tag. It’s low because there’s one or two hours of gameplay. But yes, the price tag is reasonable. Not very big. Profits from the prologue will go towards development funding Abandoned. We will invest in the game with our money, which we will receive from the prologue. So we decided to release the prologue first.

This is not early access, but rather an opportunity for gamers to get acquainted with the game’s story, gameplay, because it is different from others. It’s our way of saying, “This is what we think a realistic survival shooter should be.” This is a good way to show game graphics. I don’t consider myself an AAA developer, but we spend a lot of time making the environment look realistic. With the power of Unreal Engine 5, we can actually release something that is very similar to real life.

About why the authors do not show Abandoned

People still have not seen anything from the game, from its development, because I am, in a word, scared. I won’t lie. I’m scared because this is a personal job. Very personal. I don’t work for Ubisoft. I don’t work for an AAA publisher who tells me what to do, what the game should be. It’s something personal. And progress in production is not something that everyone can understand, because gamers do not see and do not understand what production means. Gamers don’t care.

Gamers only care about what they see right now. I am torn between two choices: either I show something from the development progress Abandoned now, or I’m waiting for the right moment for a sensible show. I can’t choose, because if I go with the first scenario, then people can … It’s just scary. That’s what I’m trying to say. If I want to show working shots from the game, then it is important to properly present them to the world. This is what I’m dealing with now. If I figure out how to present them well, then I can share them on Twitter, yes.

Prologue Abandoned still going to be released during 2022. The trailer app on PS5 should also be updated with fresh content before the end of the year.

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