News - Updated on April 7, 2022

Seems, Guerrilla Games decided to outrun herself, so she released not one, but two patches for Horizon Forbidden Westcombined into a single update. The team also talked about how the game was associated with art and at the same time emphasized its Dutch roots.

To avoid plot spoilers, let’s start with the update. Patch 1.10 and 1.11, which exceeded a whole gigabyte, affect many aspects of the game. Among them are both the usual catching of bugs in tasks, and fixes related to human and machine opponents. Here are the main changes.

Quests and activities

  • Fixed an issue in the Broken Skies mission that prevented interacting with or following Cotallo after fast travel.
  • Intercepting vehicles while on the “Kill the Vehicles” objective in the “Blow It Up or Break It Down” side mission no longer blocks progress.
  • The “Search the Control Center” objective in the Imp’s Grip Rebel Camp was sometimes unable to be completed – problem fixed.
  • Previously, players could miss the Sunbane bow in the First Forge camp by looting Azera’s body and then reloading a save. If this happened to you, return to the woman’s body and take the weapon so that she finally rests.
  • Fixed a bug with promotion in fighting circles.

Machines and people

  • Fixed a bug that prevented High Cleavers from spawning in the open world.
  • High plowhorns are no longer heartless – the item drops from their carcasses again.
  • Aloy can now get a digging claw from a rockbiter’s body if she previously repelled it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused only one metal shard to fall from the Torturer’s Plasma Ground Thrower, instead of the intended Crystal Braid and Explosive Sediment.
  • Cloudbursts will no longer violate the laws of gravity – previously they could be seen standing in the air above the ground.
  • Human enemies will no longer freeze mid-air after being killed by an explosive spike.


  • Subtitles added to the song In The Flood – it’s karaoke time!
  • An option has appeared in the settings to disable the playback of automatic animations (the function was noticed on the Web earlier, but the description was released only in the latest patch).
  • Dynamic resolution will get better scale selection.
  • Multiple fixes for lighting, sound, animations (including facial ones) and much more.

Guerrilla continues to receive bug reports that are still being worked on. For example, the developers are working on a bug that made it impossible to trade with Abadund after completing a side quest, and for some reason, sometimes the game refuses to place a marker further than 500 meters from Aloy.

Now about art. Voice of Aloy Ashly Burch and Narrative Supervisor Benjamin McCaw went to the Rijksmuseum to talk about the role of famous paintings in the story Horizon Forbidden West.

At some point in the story, Aloy will find herself in a vault of paintings created by Tilda, a heroine with a connection to the distant past. Before talking face to face, Tilda invites the huntress to inspect her collection. According to Makko, the ladies do not just discuss art objects, but try to learn more about each other through these objects.

Tilda did not immediately have a connection with the Netherlands – the native country for Guerrilla. At some point, the scriptwriters began to figure out whether it was possible to connect the heroine with this state and how to do it. As a result, they decided to build everything through the masterpieces of Dutch masters. Tilda is trying to preserve pieces of her native culture, because in the world Horizon The Netherlands is suffering from severe flooding.

To create a selection of works, the developers turned to the Rijksmuseum. Now they have created a Tour of Eloy, which includes ten items, including the painting “Night Watch”, which was painted by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.

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