News - Updated on March 29, 2022

343 Industries published a new blog about Halo Infinite, where she talked about the content of the second season. There is good news and bad news. Good – the second season will offer a hefty armful of everything new. Bad – the co-op will be delayed even more.

About the second season

  • It is called “Lone Wolves” and starts on May 3rd.

  • A huge amount of content is devoted to the theme of the season, including narration. It’s delivered through a mix of cutscenes, story events, battle pass items, and other Lone Wolves-themed stuff.

  • New maps include Catalyst for the arena and Breaker for big team battles.

  • Among the new modes are deathmatch in the style of every man for himself, a kind of “land grab” and a reworked version of “King of the Hill”.

  • During the second season, you can get new basic armor for free. Other elements of customization and other features will be discussed in April.

Catalyst and Breaker card concepts.

About the cooperative

  • In co-op, you can play either four people via the Network, or two people at the same screen.

  • Split Screen is available on all current Xboxes, including One. The developers want to ensure that even on the oldest device, co-op on the couch remains a perfectly working entertainment. However, the open world of the story campaign brought with it “split-screen” difficulties that the developers had to solve longer than usual.

  • The co-op will not appear with the start of the second season, as previously stated. Now it should start later, but during the second season. According to the wording 343 Industriesonline co-op and split-screen may come out at different times.

Concepts for the Lone Wolves armor and the new Season 2 armor, which can be obtained for free.

About the editor

  • Selected community members are already testing the Forge map editor. The developers work closely with them to provide a great user-generated content experience, including creating, viewing, launching, and sharing the find with friends.

  • Later, separate open tests will be arranged for Forge.

  • The launch of Forge is still planned to take place simultaneously with the start of the third season – sometime in August.

At the end of the blog 343 Industries announced that another event will take place next week – Tactical Ops. It will offer variants of the Tactical Carnage mode and rewards for the Mark VII armor.

Reward from the Tactical Ops event.

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