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To come up with something unusual, interesting in a genre where, it would seem, everything has long been invented before you is, in some cases, already half the success. Apparently, the developers of AereA also counted on this, creating almost the first action / RPG in the world, where enemies need to be beaten not with a sword, ax or ax, but with a harp, a cello and a bow.AereA game review

How long have you been fighting with bagpipes?

Save the islands!

In fact, AereA is a classic “Japanese” RPG, where boys and girls with long bangs save the world. They fight, complete quests and look for important artifacts that would help maintain the balance of energy – without this, the flying islands on which our heroes live will collapse down.

All signs of the genre are in place. There is a base where we buy potions, communicate, receive tasks, and from where we fly out on airships directly to the place where the next feats are performed. There is a simple role-playing system – the main parameters increase automatically when you level up, and at home we invest points in improving additional characteristics (more health, damage, defense or critical strike chance), as well as learning and “pumping” skills for use in combat. The combat system, however, is not turn-based, but ordinary, in real time, designed for “clicking” and using skills.

Music connected them

However, this is not just a role-playing game – in some ways it is musical. And everything in AereA is saturated with this theme. Our heroes are not a magician, a warrior, an archer, but a lutenist, cellist, harpist and trumpeter who fight with the same things they play. The cellist, for example, strikes with a bow, emitting a characteristic whistle, and uses his native instrument as a shield.

The base is actually a music school, of which we are students. And its director acts as a mentor and mentor, who distributes instructions and tasks, without interrupting his constant conducting in the concert hall – this is the only way he maintains the disturbed acid-base balance among the flying islands. According to the plot, the director once revealed the secret that everything in this world is controlled by the power of music and everything is subordinate to it. Revealed and wanted to use this magic for good purposes, and his friend – for bad. This is what all the intrigue is based on.

AereA game review

Notes fly out of defeated enemies and broken barrels.

The “bosses” are all thematic too – there is, for example, a cicada with the body of a bagpipe. Defeating them, we return the original instruments to the school, the loss of which, in fact, became the cause of all the troubles that disturbed peace in this world.

Concert without spectators

However, coming up with an interesting idea is not enough – you still need to make a really good game on it. But there are problems with this in AereA. Tasks are primitive: go there, kill so many enemies, activate the beacon, destroy the “boss”. And along the way, avoid traps, press the levers twenty times and carry the boxes to the platforms to open twenty new doors.

And it would be fine if these campaigns stimulated us with difficult trials and powerful enemies, forcing us to win and discover. But in AereA, such a thing as balance is practically absent. The power of music in this world is so powerful that the monsters practically do not resist us. Apparently, they thought that they would be given a concert, but instead – a bow in the face!

In a cooperative for four, at least some resistance appears (and even that is insignificant), but if you play with one hero, then even large-caliber “bosses” fall prostrate with just a few notes, in the sense of blows. Although, it would seem, everything should be the other way around – it is usually harder to fight alone. The only thing you can really suffer from here is the traps, but they can often just be bypassed.

AereA game review

The only thing that is really good in the game is the picture and the theme music.


One gets the impression that AereA was made by the same music school students who are very fond of music, lutes, cellos and harps and thus decided to express their feelings. But they don’t know how to orchestrate it all to create the tune of a truly engaging RPG.

Pros: Unusual rethinking of RPG rules and standards; nice graphics; nice orchestral music.

Cons: the game does not resist or challenge at all; boredom and monotony in everything.

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