Game Mobile - Updated on September 27, 2022

AFK Dungeon is an interesting combination of many game genres from the developers of game studio CookApps. Here you’ll find adventure elements and leveling systems typical from role-playing games, procedural dungeons from video games, and more.

AFK Dungeon Codes (Mod Unlocked/Free Shopping) 1.1.48

AFK Dungeon

You have to create your character by choosing his gender, race, hairstyle, and game class. By equipping it with standard first-class equipment, you will go to your first dungeon, which in this game is randomly generated, allowing you to explore them until you get bored. There you will meet various opponents to destroy them, gain experience and get chests hidden in the dungeon, from which you can get various rare types of equipment and some coins, which can also be used to level up heroes when you return from your raid.

AFK Dungeon gives you multiple ways to evolve a hero, from standard leveling up to a certain class, when the warrior becomes a tank that takes damage, to crafting heroes Multi-layered heroes, such as when the warrior becomes a knight, carries swords and magic in the dungeon of light and faith. Or you can turn an ordinary guy endowed with magical talents into a battle mage who empowers himself with various spells and fights with melee weapons.

AFK Dungeon

There is also a unique mode available in the game that allows you to send your hero to low-level locations while you are out of the game, allowing you to upgrade your character without entering the game. play. However, it should be noted that pumping into low-level mobs may be delayed. And, if you don’t want to spend weeks of savings buying a new set of armor, then you can use the menu mod and jump right into the high-level game content.

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