AFK Taoist : become immortal Gift Codes [2024 July]

Updated on July 3, 2024

AFK Taoist: Become Immortal is a captivating mobile game that combines elements of strategy and adventure. Players embark on a mystical journey as a Taoist striving for immortality. By uncovering ancient codes and mastering powerful spells, players can advance through levels and achieve enlightenment. The game’s innovative AFK feature allows players to progress even when offline, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, AFK Taoist promises hours of immersive entertainment.

New valid for AFK Taoist : become immortal Gift Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Celestial Sword - Legendary weapon that grants immense power and unparalleled strength in battles. 2. Bag of Gold - A magical pouch that always contains an unlimited amount of gold coins. 3. Phoenix Feather - Grants the ability to summon a majestic phoenix to aid in combat. 4. Potion of Eternal Youth - Keeps the drinker forever young and free from aging effects.
Get Code 1. Excalibur sword: grants unmatched power, sharpness, and protection. 2. Bag of Holding: store infinite items within, weightless and compact. 3. Dragon Scale Armor: impervious to fire, beasts, and magic attacks. 4. Potion of Invisibility: vanish from sight for a short time. 5. Amulet of Wisdom: grants knowledge and insight beyond imagination.
Get Code 1. Diamond of Eternity: Grants eternal life and wisdom. 2. Bag of Gold: Overflowing with limitless riches. 3. Celestial Robes: Bestow magical powers and protection.

AFK Taoist : become immortal Tier List

Here is a potential tier list for AFK Taoist: Become Immortal, based on the current meta and overall effectiveness of each character.

1. Immortal Master: The most powerful character in the game, with strong abilities and high damage output.
2. Divine Dragon: Offers excellent support abilities and can dish out massive damage when properly utilized.

3. Heaven's Assassin: A versatile character with good damage and crowd control abilities.
4. Celestial Priestess: Provides crucial healing and support to the team, making her a valuable asset in battles.

5. Spirit Warrior: Decent damage output and durability, but lacks the versatility of higher-tier characters.
6. Thunder Monk: Offers a good mix of offense and defense, making him a solid choice for various situations.

7. Elemental Mage: Provides powerful elemental magic attacks, but can be somewhat squishy in battles.
8. Shadow Ninja: Has high burst damage potential, but lacks sustainability in prolonged fights.

9. Earth Guardian: Offers tankiness and crowd control, but lacks damage output compared to other characters.
10. Fire Warrior: A straightforward character with decent damage, but lacks the unique abilities of higher-tier characters.

Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and can change based on game updates and balancing changes. Players should also consider their playstyle and team composition when choosing characters for battles in AFK Taoist: Become Immortal.

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