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Senior Design Director and Co-Founder Ninja Theory Tameem Antoniades talked about his creative journey with NME and talked a little about Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. If the first part was an exercise in the “budget AAA game”, then the sequel will no longer have resource problems, so the scale will become much larger.

Target Hellblade II – not perfect [формат игр от Ninja Theory], but to create a more believable and polished work. The scale of ambitions has become larger. I think in the background Hellblade II first Hellblade will look like an indie game.

The main idea is believability, to make things look real, so that they can be believed. The best way to achieve this is to base everything on real things.

Tamim Antoniades

To your goal Ninja Theory goes big: the team traveled to 40 locations in Iceland, costumes are assembled in real life and transferred to the game, textures are based on scanned ancient materials, and lead actress Melina Juergens was trained by a martial arts trainer.

The role of mental illness has also changed: instead of traveling into the mind of one person, the sequel is going to ask more fundamental questions – for example, how psychosis affects religion and society. IN Hellblade II in some way will affect the religious visions of historical figures like Joan of Arc.

Psychosis is defined as when a person has hallucinations and beliefs that are not related to reality. So you can describe a lot of things, many beliefs, but you should call a condition a disease only when it interferes with your life. Otherwise, it’s just a different way of thinking.

Hellblade II moves away from Senui’s personal illness and talks rather about how a person in her condition is able to change the world.

Tamim Antoniades

Also a screenshot from Hellblade II, if anything!

Curious moment: Hellblade can be considered a conditional heir Heavenly Sword – the first loud work Ninja Theory. In that game, there was a character called Kai, the half-sister of the main character. Like Senua, Kai saw the invisible and seemed to live in another world.

At some point, the developers thought: what would happen if Kai grew up? What would she be like then? If Ninja Theory was able to do Heavenly Sword in another universe, what would the game look like? Approximately with such thoughts, they began to create Hellblade – apart from, of course, the desire Ninja Theory experiment with “budget AAA”.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Coming someday to PC and Xbox Series.

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