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Age of Chaos: Legend brings One different World to life with its PC stage graphics and a revolutionary sport engine, providing an immersive sports experience! Experience the thrill of battle with troublesome strategic group dungeons and numerous class-skill combos! Exhibit your individuality with extraordinarily customizable character faces and costumes! Catch and apply pets and mounts, go fishing and prepare delicious meals to stay entertained outside of battle!

Age of Chaos Legends Mod APK 3.9 (Free Shopping)

Always bug. Im dissapointed i did not violate any rules of this game then why suddenly my ip is banned. Awesome. So good to play. Nice graphics and no boring. Vip so many paid.

It's awesome game that I played. is so good but this game the 3.4. nice Game play. Okay . It dame fun. Love it so much.

Nice game. . Awsome. Ik. Very low rate in drop.....especially in higher boss, we have been playing for long time but g3 and above no drop at all, but the game is good..

I'm not bored on this games. Your game sucks the screen always frozen so laggy and the ad of this game makes the game so realistic but in game its not i dont recommend downloading this game. Is a good app for me. Great. The game is good but so log.

MAINTENANCE RESULT TO BUG EVENT AND WHOLE SERVER SUFFER TO THIS BUG, LAZY DEVELOPER ,GM ,& ETC. COMPENSATION IS TOO LOW FOR A WEEK OF SUFFER FROM BUG MAINTENANCE. Many bug after maintenance but the dev didnt fix it so disappointed. Can't load game. Stuck at 10%.... After update am enter on oracle, no boss in there, waste my bdias n lose my attempt, gave back my attempt n bdias...sad. Addicted game.

MASTER PIECE!. 2 stars for now , i love the game but it keeps crashing , force close. Please fix .. good for pass time. dun really need to pay. playing for the last few month .. Code. Good.

. . Nice game. Ak. Nah.

just play and see. Yo...everytime you open the event its a must i cant login, im vip6 player...but the bug is really annoying. Please fix them. i love it there was no problem im at level 229 and i love when you pick rosha you can kill bosses with ez. Game is good and alot of potential but the game keeps crashing and sometimes became black screen hope to fix this and i rate again. Tauop.

Nice one. Horrible game ever. Nice good. ViVO,1820,Y(jobni). Pay to win.

Why did not update how many times I try but did work. 5Star for me. nice game. Good game. Its great until now im looking for a game that well put a chill to my spine and i think i found it.

game mantapp. Very good game. dalawang beses kung dinownload isang araw kulng nalaro hindi na maopen sayang lang oras sa larong ito. Good . The server is pretty sucks!!! super laggy!! and super delayed! This game is just a waste of space in my phone. Not Highly recommended to download..

Nice. i kinda regret spending on this game.. Good. bugs game... i cant login after maintenance. KIND OF PAY TO WIN.

The icon is literally just 2b. Good. This game is the best among may 5 games i don't have any problem may be because of my server CHOAS6_2 thanks AOC.. I like it very nice game. The game is good. But it's so laggy even if the cignal is good canu fix cause ug is very nice compare to other role playing games..

happiness and enjoyment. I HATE IS GAME. good. ,. What happened aoc it can't open.

That's good. My account is not fully update.. Updating apps. The photos are different from the actual game, waste of time downloading. I Just Topup For Vip 4 Activation But I Dont Get It My Item..Who Can Help Me?.

1.definitely P2W. 2. U cannot create guild if not topup. 3. Bully everywhere if you are not high CP/vip4 at least. After kicked from guild, uninstall the game. I'm so done.. nice .. way lami. It's cool Ang fun to play. I really like this game, it's very fun and interesting. Not only is it endless adventure, and so many characters, every time I play I'm always excited.. The game is good. But whenever we activate the titles it doesnt allow me even other players. We think theres a bug when it comes to that. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thanks.

Why i cant use my title... The graphics is not that good. Very lousy customer services support... After sending 3 emails complaining about the bugs, still got no replies at all from them... And yet it is not the worst..After last maintainance, i could not even press most of functions in this game using ios... Actually it was a good game... But regrettably i must uninstall this. ALAMEARARARIO Almrio. battle angel failed.

Sorry but for the truth the game play is totally different with the pictures and it's a bit disappointing. . Great job. 0 reborns hello everybody can learn more Frozen videos yeah I know he's going dancing. i give 1 cuz i recharge with prepaid card and use official i still cant claim reward first recharge..and i contact admin at Fb also not respon...after u fix this thing i give 5 star rate.

Nice. Hi Dev, I wonder when can you fix state chat on chaos 45 and plus I cant evolve my october fest chat bubble, thank you.. Can't open it!!. How long will you give the due rewards for those who rank from the Chaos Celebration Event last October 18 - October 22, 2021. Those who RANK should be given credit for their effort in joining your ridiculous insane event. Chat support is NOT HELPING at all. Your EMAILS are like a GHOST, NO ONE is reading it NOT a single reply we get from YOU. Better you INVESTIGATE the BUG from your INSANE event.. please !! i already top up !! but nothing happen ,where my money go ?? hey return my money !! please fix it !!.

I can't open it anymore... Please Add For Changing Numbers. Keeps lagging even though i have big storage. same with land of angel. So bad...i cannot play and log in after updated the game...

Dont play this game,developer cant fix the bug after the maintain and still make huge time after you waste your time. i cant open my account . .. update problem.... fix it.... Nice game. Good game.

Thanks for help I'm excited to play the game again.... Well done. Don't open way... After update i cant connect to the sever.. Been so disappointed to this game, until now ican't log in to the game. Been cleaning cache and even uninstalled it then installed it again but it's all freaking the same! What a waste!!!!.

Try to get update from the game, but after fully updated, then start from the beginning again and again. Ive been patching since morning and still on patch till now. What happened since you update I can't play the game anymore... The never ending 357mb update keeps going on my internet is fast but what happen. Install games is doesn't work ? What happen . Worst Game ever....

To slow for fix the bug. Good. please fix the problem i cant log in. Can log in after maintenance that last for 24hours. 15/10/21. cant log in, its unlimited updates. everytime i log in, the game is automatically quit, and restart again and again in updates..! updates..!.

Your new update is annoying we cannot login and the others can. Can't login new update at Android users please fixed bug patches...Chaos Server still maintenance up to now.... i cant log in im still stock. FIX YOUR GAME!. Down server forever!.

Y cannot enter the game to many patches and downloaded resources. Ok. very good. Unlimited patch lol. Undriod.

Can't Log in now after the maintenance even we download update resources it's happening to update crash... Why im not loging in. All players cant log in after maintenance. Disappointed,updating for a long time when when you start log in,the game is crash and it returns to the main menu,huhuhu. POOR TECHNICAL SERVICE AND GAME ASSISTANCE PLEASE FIX IT , HOW MANY TIMES I UPDATE IT? I CAN'T LOG IN BACK 1 DAY MAINTENANCE? AND NOW ITS NOT FIXED? IF YOU PLAY THIS GAME BETTER TO PLAY ANOTHER GAME EVERY MAINTENANCE HAVE A PROBLEM OR BUG.

After the version update for how many hours. I can't play the game. It crashes everytime the patch is complete and it will redownload again when you open it. I just wasted my money for this game for nothing.. Unli update. after new update can't login,, nice job lol. Sucks game. Fix this game.. I hate when it always keep on just downloading the resources and cannot log in.. So boaring.

Good. In this update. We cannot log in.. 2000 bind dias compensation is not enough for us. it will be 2days AOC shut down... Can u guys development make ur services good first? Didnt have receive message in time from all of u there. It kept me on downloading files forever. It wont let me play the game.. It's all good I have on this ().

Downloading too.long for new updates.annouying to wait for too.long. Tang ina nyu pangit nyu mag update mga basura. Fixed your game. 3 stars yang kina, buko fair kag merge abang kusog ey ibutang sa maluya......

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