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Age Of Strategy is a classic turn-based strategy game with 8-bit stylized graphics. Over 300 maps with historical and fictional battles.

Age Of Strategy Codes (2023 March) 1.165
Codes List Expiration date Number of
58I4KPN72OE August 6, 2022 988
GBNIJVXWFA August 7, 2022 941
PBF8YZTK3 July 26, 2022 563
JCES6NK4F0I August 26, 2022 256
KF87IRHYMWT6 September 3, 2022 625
OK0VU65X2IA September 2, 2022 532

The game will take you to the era of empires and knights. You can go through campaigns with references to real historical events (for example, the Trojan War), or you can fight against the armies of other players in multiplayer mode. There are 170 campaign maps available. There are also 40 random maps for real-time turn-based online battles.

The game has 25 different technologies that can be developed, as well as 80 types of units from which you will form your invincible army. Collect gold stars and crystals to unlock new units or new mission types.

The game is completely free, here you do not have to invest real money to win, but if you wish, you can support the developers with voluntary donations. The project is constantly evolving. On the forum of the same name, you can write comments or suggestions to the developers about the game. Perhaps it is your idea that will form the basis of the next update.

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