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Thousands of applications have already been developed on various topics. It is impossible to say that the developers have not yet disclosed some topic. Topics that you want and don’t want: arcade games, quests, adventure games, action games, wars and many others. Martial arts also did not stand aside. The Age of Wushu Dynasty app has just opened this theme, where players will spend time among the battles of skilled kung fu fighters. Before playing, we advise you to view the screenshots of the game so that you can see that it has excellent 3D graphics, which opens up a realistic Chinese world and 4 schools of martial arts.

Age of Wushu: Dynasty Codes 29.0.1
List of Codes Expiration date
EPJ2OU1BNLY July 24, 2022
Y2RKM7VAIX August 18, 2022
L548FH0CJ August 25, 2022
SZUA9EDKWGH September 4, 2022
2QFENRK0TV48 August 28, 2022
05EXHJVIY62 August 22, 2022

In addition to the original theme, beautiful locations located in ancient China are waiting for you. You need to fight with a lot of strong enemies, each of which has its own unique style. Prove that you are the best fighter. Show your incredible skills, complete serious tasks and fight tough battles with other heroes. By the way, you can play online with friends. Thanks to the abilities of the characters, you can perform cool jumps. Try to perform difficult tricks to confuse your enemies.

In short, download the Age of Wushu Dynasty app, travel around the Chinese world, destroy opponents and defeat strong leaders. In the game you are waiting for dynamic fights, perfect graphics, the ability to play with friends and as many as 4 character classes.

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