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Age of Z is a free strategy MMO where the player takes on the role of an experienced commander and emperor to fight against hordes of dangerous and terrible mutants and Zombies.

Age of Z
 Gift Codes 2022 September 1.3.17
All Codes Expiration date
U0W6T1CAXO3 October 1, 2022
E87VJ3SCM5 November 16, 2022
LQ73W0PJH October 17, 2022
ZXTI6ELF8AN October 22, 2022
A6UY38L02MHS November 7, 2022
AVPK6E5ZDUG September 28, 2022
OYMDE9LQTAK September 29, 2022
2KOID541TB November 4, 2022
TDBQL1IK0 October 26, 2022
C9MQSAD24FH November 14, 2022
4SHAR6XEMZP1 November 10, 2022
8HFCUDY7K21 October 26, 2022

Stand at the head of a huge empire and manage it right from your mobile device, which will be quite easy and simple. Enjoy adventures in this dangerous world and get more and more new territories into your possession. The epidemic will spread at an incredible speed and soon it will cover new cities and universes. It is your empire that needs to stop this apocalypse, even though it will be deadly. Build and develop your large-scale city, as well as improve its defensive parameters. Use a huge number of different weapons to exterminate these monsters in huge crowds. A completely new world will be built before your eyes in Age of Z, and it is you who will give it life. Features of Age of Z

  • The tense atmosphere of the apocalypse;
  • Many different monsters;
  • The most exciting war on your mobile phones, with cool effects;
  • Battles in real time;
  • A lot of technical weapons and military equipment from the future;
  • Convenient gameplay.

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