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Shooting, explosions, exploration of intricate locations, pumping, powerful bosses.


The game is announced for the Windows platform.


Brendel artificial intelligence of the protection system. He is busy churning out more and more creatures. Our task is to get to this “wise guy” and defeat him.

On the way, you can collect a bunch of notes, which will reveal in more detail the atmosphere and plot of the local world.

Story link.

Story link.


The gameplay is a bullet hell, combined with the study of large locations. This whole story is done like Roguelite, i.e. in the form of a simplified bagel.

We landed at the starting station. Here you can (I recommend) go through a fairly detailed training, choose one of the four heroes, get acquainted with the beautifully executed encyclopedia of weapons and implants, and perform global pumping.

On the base.

On the base.

On the base.

From the station we go to the ship, which, in fact, is the second hub. Here is a set of useful things (some require appropriate global pumping):

– Ability to pick up random guns and implants.

– Collect a mega-cannon from blueprints that are hidden in combat locations.

– Upgrade weapons.

– Spend the collected resources on improvements that remain within the current run.

On the ship.  There is little open, and only a piece of the location is visible.

On the ship. There is little open, and only a piece of the location is visible.

From our spacecraft (from the captain’s cabin) we set off to explore the stations under the control of the enemy.

A not very branched tree of possible paths to the bosses opens. Here you should pay attention to the fact that the bonus rewards for completing different levels are different. It is worth choosing what is most needed at the moment.

Global map of the world.

Global map of the world.

Having chosen the destination, we find ourselves in a randomly generated combat location. The level is divided into a bunch of small rooms full of enemies and loot.

I really liked the opportunity to conveniently view the level map and plan my actions for optimal passage. The doors between the rooms are very different in functionality:

– Green ones open without problems.

– You need a special chip card to get into the yellow ones.

– There are red doors. How to open them – yet did not understand at all.

A small piece of the combat location map.

A small piece of the combat location map.

When logistics around the premises, it is worth making full use of the fact that the hero has two movable teleporters, which are placed in any places of the level and, if necessary, you can jump between them as many times as you like.

This is also relevant because the location must be explored within the set time (the timer did not seem stressful), otherwise the enemies will respawn.

A lot of exploding barrels (and with different effects – fire, acid, electricity) are scattered across the levels, which can also cause damage to enemies. Some opponents explode on death and also with the formation of dangerous puddles. There are traps in the form of spikes emerging from the floor and semi-invisible mines.

Barrels exploded and, like, a couple of fire bugs.

Barrels exploded and, like, a couple of fire bugs.

The main action, of course, is the fight. There are many opponents, they are quite evil – they do not allow themselves to be shot calmly, they try to hide behind obstacles, they beat the hero painfully.

Bosses and mini-bosses are a serious danger. As a rule, they give AOE attacks (bullets in all directions) and accompany it with a bunch of single shots.

The boss was furious.

The boss was furious.

Our hero is also not a miss. It can make dashes during which invulnerability comes, carry up to two types of weapons at the same time and several (varies from pumping) implants, beat in close combat (but this is an extreme case when there is no ammunition).

Each of the four characters has immunities to various influences and special moves. Because imb skills, then they have cooldowns and the need to spend resources that are not renewable over time – energy cells (can be found at locations or bought on a ship).

When a loss occurs, some of the resources (cubes) are saved. For them, you can pump the hero or the capabilities of the ship. Character development between runs can be considered significant.

Global pumping.

Global pumping.

Consider the pros and cons of the game, sum up.


+ Nice pixel graphics.

+ Excellent music and soundtrack. There seem to be only two melodies, but they are very good.

+ Good, fun shooting.

+ Mass of exploding barrels and min. There are traps.

+ Many types of weapons and implants.

+ There is a good global leveling of the character. With each approach, the game becomes noticeably easier.

+ Strong, but not overly opponents. There are bosses and mini-bosses.

+ Good Russian in texts and descriptions.


– Not detected.


The game has a lot of content: a rich global leveling of the hero, a bunch of guns and implants. There is something that in games of this type must be available – it’s fun to shoot.

Ahead is another room with enemies and treasures.

Ahead is another room with enemies and treasures.

PS: Probably did not disclose all aspects, could miss something. I will be glad to supplement / correct the review or answer questions in the course of communication in the comments.

PPS: Steam game page.

All good games!

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