APK - Updated on July 24, 2022

It’s time to take on the functions of the city’s airport manager. Build your own airlines. In the role of a dispatcher, learn how to control aircraft and crew actions. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Airport Manager and make your airport the best.

List of Cheat Codes Expiration date
20Q6E49AODW September 20, 2022
QGHI1VRXMN August 4, 2022
AZG87645V August 10, 2022
5QZPUVOIA7E August 21, 2022
LR0ZFH9GVQ8K August 31, 2022
5W90VI1UJKS August 1, 2022

You have to go through many tasks and try yourself in the role of various characters who work at the airport. Before boarding, check passengers with a special scanner for prohibited items. Do the same with their luggage. See if everyone has visas in their passports. Help passengers find their lost luggage. In the role of an engineer, check the health of all aircraft systems before the flight. If you find a breakdown, urgently fix it in the hangar. Help passengers find their seats, fasten their seat belts and offer refreshments as a flight attendant. Finally, become a real air commander. Coordinate all the actions of your crew and safely complete the flight. If you like to draw, draw various activities at the airport and save the result in the gallery. Share your achievements with your friends.

Can’t wait to get your own airport? Then install Airport Manager on your gadget and start the exciting process.

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