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Sometimes they do come out… I’m talking about ambitious, promising games that have been in early access or beta for years. One of these, Albion Online, has regularly been in the top of the most anticipated and cool MMORPGs of the next year for the past few years, but has remained in a semi-finished state, teasing us with grandiose possibilities. And these tops were orphaned – the game still came out. And personally, I was convinced for myself that the expectations were really worth it.Albion Online game review

The world map consists of the lands of a king, a queen with limited free PvP, and a black-colored and extremely dangerous province.

crazy hands

The authors did not lie about the grandiose possibilities. Total “craft” of everything and everything, total PvP, a huge world with many zones and biomes, free character development, a player-controlled economy, the right to buy your own island and do almost anything – it’s all here.

Already at the start, it becomes clear that Albion Online will especially appeal to those who love the Crazy Hands program, the Minecraft game and go to the country to personally fix the barn or make a stool. In general, the “craft” here is detailed, elaborate and comprehensive.

Almost everything that you see around from the flora and fauna can be disassembled into components, that is, into resources – stones, logs, skins, cotton, limestone, sandstone, ore, and so on. From logs then in special buildings you need to make bars, from skins – leather, from cotton – flax, from ore – ingots, which will be needed to make cooler items. And you can do almost everything – weapons of various types, armor, accessories like capes and travel bags, furniture for decorating your own home.

In this case, all items and resources are divided into several levels. There are, for example, ordinary trees, but cooler than birches and chestnuts – and chestnut trees can no longer be chopped with an ax for an inexperienced one, for this you need a novice ax that you can buy or make yourself.

Build, Collect, Trade

At first, all this makes your head spin – you constantly rummage through the accumulation of resources in your inventory and try to remember what is needed and for what and which of the craftsmen in the district makes which items. But here you quickly get used to it and start to enjoy how you gradually mature, dress yourself in more fashionable things and get more valuable resources. And fans of games with a developed “crafting” system will immediately feel like they are in a personal man-made paradise.Albion Online game review

The durability of items is constantly decreasing until complete destruction.

In addition, I repeat, it is not necessary to do everything, collect and mine personally – no one forbids buying it. The economy here is really controlled by the players. In the first city there is an auctioneer, who can view current trade offers for various types of goods, items and resources. Or put something up for sale. However, prices may vary in different markets.

From time to time, you need to sell something also because you can’t take everything with you anyway. The more items and resources you have in your inventory, the slower you move. Therefore, it is better to store something in personal storage for the time being, and put something up for sale. And, of course, you need to get some kind of horse as soon as possible.

Overworked and hard-earned

And most importantly, the game has the so-called Full Loot system. This means that when a character dies in PvP and PvE, items are completely lost. Of course, often the final death from the blow of some nearby heretics or beasts can be avoided – you are offered to simply catch your breath for a while, regain consciousness and continue from the same place.

But, firstly, even in this case, the equipment wears out a lot. Secondly, there are situations when there are too many strong enemies around in this place or you get completely lost, so it’s better to agree to die and be reborn in the nearest city.

Finally, in the regions painted black on the map, there are no restrictions on free PvP, and even monsters inflict mortal wounds there – and here, in case of death, you will definitely lose everything acquired by overwork. But the more interesting, the more vigorous the game, which simulates completely real situations and makes you constantly be on the alert: gape means lost.

Albion Online game review

This is just a small part of the local skill tree.


So we came to the conclusion that Albion Online is not only trading and crafting. It’s also battles. You can kill nearby monsters, other players, as well as special opponents and “bosses” in PvE zones and dungeons of various difficulty levels. Moreover, especially valuable resources and items fall in the latter.

The combat system itself, on the one hand, is quite familiar – we aim at the enemy and hit him, periodically tapping special skills on the “hot keys”. But at the same time, each weapon and armor (and there are many types of them) give some of their “skills”, and you are free to choose which ability to use – this, you see, expands tactical possibilities and tactical freedom.

But the enemies are also willing to use abilities here – even seemingly ordinary magicians and archers are constantly conjuring something around the area, and you are forced to either run away from the affected area, or use skills that interrupt spells. And I’m not even talking about the “bosses” – from the very first PvP dungeon, where they teleported my character, who seemed to be quite ready for a serious mess, I had to shamefully retreat to the city, after I didn’t defeat the final reptile even on the third attempt .

You are what you wear and what you do!

In another situation, I would say that I need to “pump” on smaller monsters, gain “exp”, get a level, increase characteristics and come back to fight back. But the character development system in Albion Online is also special, referring more to the traditions of Ultima Online than to the modern standards of the genre.

There is a so-called board of achievements, on which, as in Path of Exile, there is an extremely branched tree of all possible skills and ways to achieve them. But in order to get to them, you don’t have to accumulate “Exp”, but you just need to do something – collect resources, fight, wear such and such equipment, participate in various activities. That is, conditionally, you collected a thousand resources of the second level or killed five thousand enemies with a bow – and you got to this or that achievement and the bonuses associated with it. This allows you to develop freely, flexibly and exactly in the direction in which you planned in advance.

Albion Online game review

The game is very stylish, looks nice – rich hand-drawn graphics are somewhat reminiscent of Torchlight II.

At the same time, there are no classes – a “crafter” there, an archer, a magician or a swordsman. Any character can do anything and fight with anything. It’s just that you yourself, after analyzing the achievement board, are planning which weapon or armor he will use more often in order to move in such and such a direction. And another character can, on the contrary, be “sharpened” as a magician or as a born resource collector and artisan.

In any case, no matter what you do, all this is reflected in the development of the character, and in his fame, which is separately calculated for “crafting”, and for fighting monsters, and for PvP. And, for example, the more often someone treacherously kills and robs other players, the closer he is to the glory of a scoundrel and a robber, whom the guards will not let into large cities. Everything in Albion Online has consequences.


After a fairly long, but nevertheless only introductory training, the player is thrown into a huge world, where he is left to himself and is free to do whatever he wants. Looking at a huge animated map of the world, divided into many zones of different colors and danger levels (I already wrote about the most dangerous, black territories), you understand that it will be difficult in this world alone.

Therefore, many immediately join some guild, look for its possessions on the map and, having prayed, go there. These territories, like cities, are the only safe places. There are a variety of artisans, and their own lands and buildings that bring different resources, bonuses and benefits.

By joint efforts, everything is built and improved ten times faster and easier. You only need to pay taxes for use and be interested in the needs of the guild, which needs not only to collect and build, but also to repair, transport resources through the black territories, or, conversely, rob caravans. And, of course, in return, you will have to participate in guild wars, which periodically fight for bases and storm watchtowers.

Albion Online game review

Even sitting on your first donkey, you already feel like an important person.

My home is my island!

However, no one, in fact, forbids playing a proud loner. Moreover, having survived, saved up money and reached a large city, you can strengthen your independence from the rest of the world by buying a land plot or even a personal island from a special NPC. True, you will have to pay rent for the land plot, and the fee for the island is a one-time fee (but it is higher, of course).

And there, and there you are free to build various useful buildings (and your own house, of course), engage in farming or animal husbandry, raising livestock, growing vegetables and fruits and receiving from all this your profit, resources, the best horses or food, the use of which helps in different situations. Also, in a personal home, you can place furniture, chests and trophies, and all this gives temporary bonuses.

And you will also receive a bribe every time someone uses the services of certain buildings on your property. True, even a personal home is not a complete guarantee of security: other players can try to destroy and plunder it.


Albion Online is a truly unique sandbox game in many ways in which you can live your life, trade, rob, participate in guild wars, grow cows and carrots, or a combination of both, and third, using different characters or one universal. At the same time, note that the game is not shareware. Yes, there is a built-in store and the purchase of various premium statuses, but this is not so intrusive. And by paying once per client, you, in general, can take full advantage of almost everything available in Albion Online without any critical restrictions.Albion Online game review

In the black zones, players can be killed freely, in the rest – by challenging them to a duel or during guild wars.

Of course, there are problems, for example, quests that do not give up or are incorrectly translated into Russian, or the need to constantly tell the character where to run – he does not find the way himself. But against the background of the general scale and huge opportunities, these are, of course, trifles, which, of course, will be corrected – Albion Online will obviously develop after the release. I hope only for the better.

Pros: a lot of opportunities for playing almost any role and engaging in various activities; a huge living world to explore; high-quality combat system; you can buy your own island; cute picture.

Cons: not always correct localization; some quests don’t count; problems with finding the path of the character.

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