APK - Updated on January 22, 2023

All-In-One: Mahjong Free is an educational puzzle game loved by many in which you have to clear the playing field of chips by removing them in pairs.

All-In-One: Mahjong Free  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.7.0

By removing pairs of identical pieces, disassemble completely complex figures. You can only remove “free” chips, that is, those that are on the edge, not covered or locked by other chips. Develop your mindfulness by looking for a specific pattern on the chips among the many very similar ones.

There are 42 different layouts available in the game, among which there will be both standard pyramids and unusual drawings assembled from hundreds of chips, a large selection of backgrounds for the layout and several sets of game dice themselves. If you don’t like the traditional set with Chinese flavor and hieroglyphs, then you can choose something else. For example, multi-colored chips with Roman numerals and symbols.

The game will provide you with two modes: for time and for points, and the results can be shared with friends.

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