Game New - Updated on January 3, 2023

An epic puzzle journey recreation! Assemble your employees and lead your followers to victory by overcoming wacky puzzles! You’ve received a shot on the Pantheon, and it’s time to indicate yourself by displaying, in all probability, crucial and craziest assortment of followers the everyday world has ever seen! Led many zany Fashions with quite a few skills, along with the stout shieldbearer, the clever builders, and the burly brutes. As their god, you alone wield vitality to unravel the wackiest challenges!

Almighty Idiots Mod APK 1.10.4 (Unlimited Money)

Is there more levels after level 47?. Good game but there doesn't seem to be any more levels after level 48 ?. Fun game when it works! When I try to collect my star roads achievements it slows down and freezes my phone to the extent I have to restart my phone or force stop the game. And when I go back in it dose it again and again really annoying please fix. And now game wont even load!!!!! Enough is enough game froze and managed to change my screen saver and ring tone notification just uninstalled! Don't install!!!!. Very fun to play this game.. However, this games uses lots of phone resources which make the phone quickly battery drain & heat on the hardware during playing the games.. This is a good game as it doesn't have live however there is so many crash happen mostly happen after the animation of a puzzle being solve.. at 150 stars, it tries to take me to the shop tab to try get a new hero, but then the game freezes.

Completed the archipelago level and the game won't progress any further, needs to be fixed. Good game but i think i have finished it no more levels are popping up and its hard to get cards to upgrade. 18 levels? What a waste of time. Played to "Archipelago" and then no more levels, so it's either broken or only 18 levels. Too short. I got to Archipelago within a day and there don't seem to be any further levels.. It's a fun puzzle game , I'm sure people will enjoy it. Currently there's not a lot of levels to play through and there's not much use for the gold and gems yet. Hope to see more levels updated soon..

Loved the game but I don't love the fact that it's only 20 power (cost to start an level) you could make it to more. 35 is fine. Pay to play time based. Costing 10 times more then a AAA game per hour.. Fun game, but only about 30 min of gameplay. "Uppgrade sheild" PROCEEDS TO NOT GIVE ME ANY SHEILD STUFF SO I CAN DO THE TASK AND NO WAY TO GET MORE. great game thanks.... Good game just waiting on new levels. Nice puzzels hope they it gets new functions to soon maybe a defence your base style or something like that..

This is looking like its going to be great. Can't wait for more puzzles. Learning when not to use powers helps as well.. Really fun game. Need more levels though!.

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