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Together with a crazy frog, the user goes to a small town full of various tasks, dangers and quests. Gradually getting used to the new location, the player will be able to learn a lot about the abilities of the protagonist, as well as explore the original game world in detail. The adventure is distinguished by a rich set of missions, the presence of a cooperative mode and a unique setting.

Features of the main character

Particular attention is drawn to the central character of Amazing Frog – a frog that has unique skills and abilities. First of all, the frog is able to change colors from green to red, blue and even pink. If one repaint is not enough for the player, he can change the hero into a costume, additionally choosing hats and accessories.

In addition, the frog has interesting locomotion abilities. The character is available to step, run, jump and parkour – moving along the roofs and walls of buildings standing in the town. If necessary, the frog can learn to drive vehicles, among which there are cars, ATVs, helicopters and inflatable boats.

Game world

Adventure Amazing Frog has one of the most original game worlds: here every user can find an interesting activity. Moving around the town, the player will find various institutions – including a police station, a zone with slot machines, a city hall, and even a house in which the main character lives. Sometimes there are other characters in the buildings – you can chat with them, fight or play slot machines.

The game world of adventure exists as a living organism, in which any action of the user affects the situation in the city. So, the player can take part in the mission to destroy the bandits, or, conversely, become a criminal himself – as a result, the frog will either cooperate with the police or run away from persecution. Additional fun to the game give ample opportunities to interact with objects, bots and other frogs.

co-op mode

The creators of Amazing Frog position the game as a cooperative adventure where players can team up to complete quests together. The application allows you to assemble a team of four players who connect to the game over the network. In cooperative mode, users have access to all the same features as in a single adventure – for example, friends can explore the world together, fight bots and search for treasures.

Analogues for Android

At the moment, the Amazing Frog game cannot be downloaded to the phone. As a replacement, users can install a similar app: Hoppy Frog.

Hoppy Frog

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